Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ramadhan Weekends

This recent saturday, 28th of August, I had exams................ Fardhu Ain, and it was freakingly hard, Masyaallah. They keep on asking about girls and there menstrual- cycle................

And to me it was like............... Masyaallah, do guys actually have to know all this? LOL

But all in all.............. it's exams, so what more do you expect?

After a thrilling hour with exams, it's finally time to mesmerize my weekends, you see, this might be the only weekend during ramadhan I didn't went back home, my parents were furious.......... partially wanting me to take care of my siblings (potty training Fauzul I guess, YEAH!)

Rather I told the m I wanted to hang out at rumah Daeng in KL (he really lives beside KLCC),

"ada nak siapkan kerja rumah with him and all"

So they allowed, hearing the name of Daeng of course (my mom knew his mom) so boleh trust lah that I won't do anything bad (protective parents)

before going to his house, I went to Markaz SRI petaling with Syarafi, we wanted to hear the news from the Markazand buy "God-knows-what" sunnah items (I.e Celak, Jubah, Sugi.... those things) my supply dah nak habis dah.

Going to Sri Petaling wasn't that easy, you see I brought along my bag with a text book inside because after this I was going to Daeng's house to sleepover. we went from Bus - train and finally taxi, all in one day.

It was a relief getting to Sri Petaling, the mosque was packed with people even though it was only Asar (that's something rare you'll find in other mosques) but the air was cool and filled with the air of hope and submition to God.

we stayed there until after Asar prayers, then me and Syarafi head back to KL.

By the time we reached to Masjid Jamie', it was already 6.45pm........... dah nak buka puasa!

there was a bazaar next to the mosqye, so we bought some food there, the bazaar was packed with people, and we're in the middle of KL for heaven's sake!

I almost choked in there, with the smoke and all the people, Syarafi, noticing this quickened his work, we quickly went out of the bazaar and straight to Masjid Jamie', where we will break fast and did maghrib prayers.

finally it was time to part our ways. Syarafi went back to CFS while I'll continue to Daeng's house, I wanted to invite Syarafi to Daeng's house, but he said he couldn't follow.. "takde baju"

I followed the LRT to KLCC, and by the time I'm infront of Surian KLCC, it was already almost Isya',

Masjid Asy-Syakirin was close by, so I went there, that was one of the most beautiful Mosque I've been, it's in the middle of KL, yet the environment was quite peaceful and spectacular. Buat tarawih kat situ jugak.

It seemed pretty cool: In one day I went and prayed in 4 different mosque, Masjid CFS UIA, MAsjid Sri Petaling, Masjid Jamie' and finally Masjid Asy-Syakirin. and that's all done during the month of ramadhan, guess great (spiritual) things do happen during ramadhan.

Reaching to Daeng's place, I slump across the floor, grabbed a remote controller, and played Resident Evil the whole night! So much for Ramadhan. LOL God-knows how long I slept after Subh.

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