Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Book by it's cover

This is a cache phrase I saw one of my friends had on his t-shirt while going into class. It was totally cool (although i wasn't ab;e to get a picture of it).

I'm now having night class, starting with mathematics and after that Wallahu a'lam what kind of classes I'll be having. My schedule is as packed as any other student taking a 1 year course is.

Class from 8am to 6pm, non stop, breaks only during Zuhr. And I thought school was more horrifying than this. NOT

Back to the FIFA thing and the night class; well see this that there aren't any restrictions of dress code during night classes, so I choose to wear my favourite Blue-black jubah.

My lecturer didn't comment on anything when i went into class, just stared at my serban and my eyes which I wore celak. No problem with that.

I was amazed how simple rules and regulations, when not imposed could make people so.................. different.

I notice some girls wearing tight outfits with jeans and a plain tudung that is just not that opaque, you could see her hair inside, or boys wearing simple plain t-shirts with a three quarter trouser, like puh-lease, don't they know how cold it is in the lecture room.

Some people even came and asked why in the world am I not wearing something casual or "normal".

LOL, isn't this normal enough. and I thought only during the prehistoric ages were we only wore a plain cloth would think like that. Guess not.

So that's were I would start my 5 minutes lecture on "reasons why I wore a Jubah".
  1. It's awesomely comfortable:if you wore it, your feet won't be that cold or that hot because there is good air circulation rather than wearing jeans. during class, I notice how shaking some of the boys whom wore the three quarters pants, and to say my body mass is low that I would shiver; ridiculous.
  2. well it's the best attire to wear, especially when there are no laws enforcing you to wear a plain shirt, like it's the Sunnah, and this IS after prayers
  3. well, one good thing when you were something that makes you look alim, you have this burden of pertaining that look, so if people notice like your doing something bad you wouldn't do do, because you have a reputation in stake, it's like a deterrence (this is for me personally).
So maybe the term "don't judge a book by it's cover" doesn't applied in my situation here, it's too obvious. the important thing is to make sure you become a better person than before

Friday, June 18, 2010

Worth a mosque

One of my favorite subjects is Arabic.

Not "mainly" because of the Subject itself but because of the lecturer teaching it. His name is Ustaz Wan Shohor bin Leman.

Very friendly, always singing and being humorous in class, studying arabic with him was the best thing. half of the time you don't even study arabic at all, he'll keep on talking about his life, his wife whom is from Bosnia, how to raise a family and such. Also having the "terrorist" attitude.

Here I want to thank him for teaching me Arabic by posting a special fund raising post.

You see, Ustaz Wan Shohor is building a mosque and an Islamic Centre in Bosnia, Insyaallah if he has the time and money (which he would ask us to pay of course) he will bring us there.

This mosque is used to help propagate the teachings of Islam and help elevate the people there.

If you want to help, even if it is only a dollar then please do not hesitate you could send your money to his account

MAYBANK 5140 6605 4194


He needs another RM50,000.00 to finish the mosque and get the human power needed to run it. I'm sure that if we all help, this mosque in Bosnia will be finished and Allah knows how many He will reward us in the hereafter.

In building the Ummah, you require not the biggest things to do, even helping donating a dollar will help a lot. As Sherlock Holmes once said:
It's in the smallest details that gives the biggest change

As long as we have the right Nawaitu, and the money in hand, then nothing is impossible.
Hope you make it Ustaz Wan Shuhor!!!

Alternative Facebook

The recent harms done by facebook (FB) has caused a major disturbance among the muslim community especiall those whom have a FB account.

FYI FB has been an Israeli product

and now recently they have gone a step forward with posting cartoons of the prophet, don't know whether they have deleted it or not.

So what I have been trying is to find an alternative to FB.

For starters you could reactivate your friendster or myspace account but, it seems dull and ancient if you do that.

Other things is just you stick to Blogger, however blogger is more of a web log than a social network.

So I came upon 2 new websites after the recent accession.
  1. Millat facebook. Don't know wheter you have heard of it, it's a counter towards FB and it's growing fast. in just a week 330000 members have registered compared to a week of facebook. it's in way after there was a post at FB of the prophet. http://millatfacebook.com
  2. Ummah book, those whom are more to writing and socializing at the same time, then this is your alternative. it's islamic, you could make a blog in there and it's a social network. Myspace, Facebook and blogger all combined. how cool is that. And you could also upload photos and videos like photobucket. now thats a starter. http://www.ummahbook.com
These type of alternatives are really cool when compared to FB, however the only problem is lack of members and activities, because you see, there aren't many members so it's our job to fill them in. as my Ustaz said
If there is an empty space, then plenty it
I feel there is a need to make these types of Islamic social networks more enhance and used by the islamic community. What better way is unifying the ummah than if all of us use the same social network.

so deactivate your FB account and come to Ummah book. LOL


PS: if you wanna find me in Ummahbook, which I've already became a member like a month ago but wasn't that active (no friends), then search for Khaleed Fakhry. Hope to be friends

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Image

If you could do something like this....
even without a text, then you are amazing.

the very idea that, somebody from a religious school, could possibly think critically and yet still be able to retain there Islamic Image is incredible.

Hopefully we would have more people like this

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dare you to wear a jubah

(And so a continue on "Are you Alim")

I'm not going to talk about human rights or freedom of humanity or such (lame).

This weekend, 11th to 13th June, I went to the International Humanitarian Law Debate.
what we were debating was whether some acts should be done and whether it was humane enough to do it.

Things like the Flotilla, Myanmar, Eu and other stuff.

One of the things that I most fell grateful was debate, yet one of the things I regret most was my inability to be in control during the debate, because hey, FYI, debate is about in control of yourself.

Your emotions, how you think and how you create a strategy is all in debate.

When I was in Uitm Shah Alam, there were some bits of moments where I feel responsible as someone whom knew Islamic knowledge and philosophy, to tell my friends and teammates, what is the do's and don'ts. However it seemed like by the end of the day, I was not in control of the situation myself.

Sometimes (maybe all the time, especially in university) you forgot things. things that are suppose to be the principles and beliefs of your life. To me it happened during this debate. I was so into debate, so into winning and fighting for a place that I forgotten the real objective I went in there the first time. It's like you weren't actually doing anything much to change the people you intended to change.

I remember Fattah, how he "mingled" with these type of people, they didn't actually understood Islam as we did, so he tried to help them, but rather than helping them, he went with them. Diverting from his purpose, from his objective.

I remember the time when I went to my first ever training at CFS. I was wearing a jubah with a serban, and I actually got rank first in the audition.

Brother Irzal was surprised that it was me whom got first, and gave a slight comment

"by the end of this year, you might not be wearing this anymore"

I took that as a challenge, and as a dare to myself, that even within debate, i will still be able to be the Fakhry I am before this. I don't want to be like my seniors whom got lost nor like my friends who went through the trend of modernization and got lost.

Saddiq's influence over me it seemed was too great, and I didn't notice that there were some values I've forgotten, some things I missed. Further more was the influence the surroundings I was in. It wasn't like you were back in IIU interschool, you were debating with people whom has been brainwashed with secularism and liberalism.

But the truest victory wasn't actually whether I was able to make Saddiq, Kamal, Harris, Aidil or ASyraf a better person. It was actually making myself a better person, because I realize that to make others good, you don't need to watch them 24/7 like a mom does and make sure they do things, it's actually making yourself better, still holding on the principles you acknowledged and the beliefs you had. and in the process, these people, your friends will follow, not because of what you did, but what you believe in that showed what you believed in.

You bring them, show them the right way not because you are somebody Alim, but because you wanted to be somebody Alim, it was all about you.

Amnah dared me to help Saddiq with all I can, and I'll uphold that promise I made. I'm sorry Saddiq, sorry Wani, Sorry to Amnah for being lost.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Israel.....And Flotilla?

Now let's mesh everything what we've seen in then past few days:

  1. Under the “Freedom Flotilla”, a ship, Mavi Marmara, containing humanitarian aid and lifeline supplies was attacked by a commando organized the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) at around 7 in the morning, Mecca time on the 31st of May 2010. Among the 19 killed 9 of them was from Turkey. The rest were injured. (Why do I sound like a broadcaster. LOL)

  2. A second ship a.k.a Rachel Corrie, although not so bloody as it's later sister was ordered to re-route to a port in Israel after Israel Forces came storming at the ship. Alhamdullillah, there weren't any causalities, just some panic I guess. The Malaysians on board was sent to Jordan to be brought back to their country.

Now from my point of view, the story is all so interesting, because there are many questions to be raised from both sides.

Lets see firstly on our side, the so called “good side”, “Islamic side” or “Defender of Humanitarian side”. Call it what you like, the things I want to talk about here might be a little uncomfortable if you've been the person who shed tears and sweat trying to fight for this thing, or you've to the demonstrations held here in Kuala Lumpur. (I went one myself, at the Wilayah Perseketuan Mosque)

Ok, so maybe you have to give some credit to the political guys (especially our prime minister) whom went to the demonstrations. They were all shouting God knows what things making us more feeble and anxious to get our swords and guns out and run to the nearest war. But, this is were things doesn't make up much. Like, ok, the PM is supporting us, finally he has some senses to the Islamic World (Hope he asks his wife to wear a Hijab “properly” if they ever wanted to visit the holy lands) but where is all the talk taking them? Like Puh-lease, I've seen them even more exited when it comes to elections.

Some of us expected more action from the government, considering the fact that they are the ones who are governing this country, the power is in there finger tips (they just sign papers and stuff) for example send military escorts. What is the use of us actually buying a submarine or an aircraft carrier if we don't want to use it? It's like all talk and no work.

Right now, it's not just about the Malaysia, whole other countries have gone mute about such decisions.

I don't know where Pakistan and Iran went with there so- called “Nuclear Power” or Turkey's trying to find Justice or even Egypt which just merely “Opens a border”.

Looking at things at the silver lining, maybe we should give them some time to adjust at this point, re-thinking there views, maybe putting on a kopiah next time you go into Parliament, they are just people.

On the other hand, you might be able to see things a lot more brighter than before. There is this so called rumor that Turkey is re-grouping the old Empire. There is a meeting of 8 Presidents from Eurasian and Middle East States last Monday, Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Palestine are among the board that will be discussing on this issue of Israel invading International waters. Syria although not a member is invited as a guest.

One good news is to the fact that Turkey, under the leadership of Erdogan, is leaning more into an Islamist state. War between Turkey and Israel might be unavoidable. Let's just hope this time, Turkey won't be alone. The Islamic World is behind you..........

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mingling Part

It feels weird to be mingling with people whom are another world than yours. Not that I'm saying they are from another world, it's just the way they think that is different.

Ok maybe saying some not so good words are a little uncomfortable when they say it in front of me. Or the fact that their knowledge of religion is way down than any Muslim I ever meet (Saddeq doesn't even understand the concept of “you can't get close to adultery”).

Maybe it was my fault for not teaching them or at least guiding them. Consider the fact that Saddeq (RMC), Harris (SDAR), Aidil (SAS) and Kamal (SASER) are all from conventional schools and lacks basic religious teachings.

Getting along with them isn't that tough. The fact that my religious knowledge is way higher than all of there's combined, they respect my views and my opinions, like why I don't eat McD, or why don't have a facebook account, or even why sometimes during their normal conversations I don't talk a lot (I like listening, letting them do all the talking).

By the end of the day, they are just a bunch of people whom are left unchecked and untold about the truth that there IS an Al-Mighty God and that there IS a Hell and Heaven.

It's a challenge for me to actually be able to bring them back to the right path (especially Saddeq) not because it's what Allah or the prophet's orders but because deep inside we all know we have a responsibility to our friends and family members.

It doesn't matter whether we are Alim or we are somebody whom is from a religious school, guess what the prophet is NOT from a religious school nor was Abu Bakr, he just thought people what he knew, and I guess that's what makes us one big family correlated with each other, not by blood but by bonding of minds and ideas.

I remembered what my debate trainer said, brother Irzal when he wanted people to understand that debate IS an important thing when it comes to religion:

“ We want to create the Intellectual Muslim, the Creative Muslim, the Great Muslim”

Guess we were never born great nor we were given great abilities, it's just that by the end of the day we need to do great things, and things like telling your friend whom has no idea what is the phylosophy of Islam is something GREAT.

May Allah bless you with Hidayah and Taufiq: Saddeq, Harris, Kamal and Aidil, my debating friends in CFS IIUM.