Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sekilau di CFS

Alhamdullillah, sudah nak habis semestar pertama di CFS IIU. Hidup disini memang syok (Apasal tiba2 cjp melayu ni?)

So what have I been going through really? well there were lectures from........... well lecturers

There was debate and God knows what hectic competitions: IDC 2010, IIU Open and ICRC Debate.

And there was also life in the campus. more or less what I expected.

In Class >>>>
Physics Lab, this was our last experiment, in picture: Hakeem and Zuhdi

Kelas Ustaz Wan Shuhor, he thought arabic, dia nampak garang, macam terrorist, but actually very nice (to boys lah)
My Math class, very fun learning with these bunch of people, in pic from top: Syarafi, Rafiq, Lutfi, Aidil, Atiq and Syukur. LOL

Last class with madam Suzana (middle one sitting) my chemistry lecturer, she took leave because she was pregnant. Miss u mdm Suzana

Debate >>>He he he (I never said I was a good guy), on the way for Iskandar Debate, my teammate Saddiq, poor guy, always doing the thinking. Penat

Eating a scrumptious 1 feet long sandwich. this was during Taylor's, don't forget to recite Doa'
Trainning for Iskandar Debate, God knows what Amnah is thinking of. LOL
Team Fauzi!!! Fakhry and Fattah Fauzi, during IIU Open, we made a great team together

Other Activities while in CFS >>>
Some activities with my Usrah buddies, and singgah Markaz SRI Petaling

Brother Khairul's Wedding, Hope you make a great husband!

And Finally.............. Going into ward for the 5th consecutive time in IIU. LOL

"What is a man, if he does not bring benefit the world"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Home of God

"Why do you want to go and pray at the mosque? is it any different than praying in your room?"

it makes all the differences.

"well the mosque is the house of God"

"that's very particular, how do you know he lives there?"

of course, Allah is anywhere.

What is a home really?

It's where you feel most secured, where you know you own most (if not all) the things in that place, it's YOUR place of remembered (where you are remembered, because obviously you live there).

Masjid, it derives from the word "Sajada" which means to submit. In the mosque, the man purpose of that institution is to submit to God ie the recognition of God.

That is why it's the home of God, because now, you submit yourself spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally towards God's cause.

Concerning the Ground Zero Mosque

should muslims in NY pursuit to get a mosque built there? what is the objective? to enhance inter - faith understanding? or is the true purpose to create the home of God where people once demise Him?

If Muslims really want to build a mosque, it must be on the grounds of Taqwa (recognition of God) Not for any other agenda.

Will this truly be the Home of God? moreover where is our home to be exact?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

One Person, One value, One Solah

"Fakhry, could you help do Saddiq's solah?" Brother Kamal asked.

"If I could I would"

"But that isn't possible. Just like a vote, it's only worth for one person"

One Person, one Value, One Prayer
Solah is only worth something to yourself, not for your friends nor families, not to anyone.

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:

If all of humanity united and strive to go away from God,

Then God doesn't loose One Atoms worth of his Kingdom

And if humanity united and strive to submit towards God,

Then God doesn't gain One Atoms worth of His Kingdom.
What does this philosophy tells us?

It tells us that God is not in need of your prayers and worship (like in movies "clash of the titans"), God isn't divine because of your prayers, God does need you.

YOU are the one who needs God, YOU are the one who are in need of these prayers and worship acts.

May you one understand the significance of submitting yourself to the divine.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Reasons VS Religion

Ask yourselves: what is the real reason we do anything?

Do we do something just because or God or our Prophet orders us to?

Do we do something just because it is a sunnah? some kind of good deed? or does it just makes everyone feel good?

Science without Religion is Lame
And Religion without Science is Blind
-Albert Einstein-
If I do not seek to understand what's happening here then I got peanuts in my HEAD!
When will I WAKE UP!?!

-Sheikh Imran Hossein-