Saturday, May 29, 2010

Are you Alim?

Even if I'm 17 that doesn't mean I'm young

Alhamdullillah, I'm learning in IIU Petaling Jaya Campus, taking Engineering.
Going into university, as I saw it, wasn't that much shocking than what I've heard of.
(Well, it was just.... the ta'aruf week)

And Insyaallah after a few years in IIU, I'll be flying to Saudi Arabia to continue my studying in Noetics and Nanotechnology (look up in a dictionary)

Life in university, does have it's ups and downs. There were pressures, even during the first days at IIU, some split decision moments, some bad days and sometimes great ones.

What I was most intrigued most in IIU wasn't the name of the university or it's system of conduct, it is it's society and environment.

Ok, you could say thath there is a mosque and mussolla very close by, everything is in walking distance. everyone smiles to each other and there is a huge line between the relationships of boys and girls. No comments there.

And yet, looking back, this time behind the scenes, we see that such things are actually a veil, or a hiding place for occult things.

I'm not trying to give a bad image to IIU, I live there right now, but I feel the need to watch over things so that they wouldn't go astray, especially when it's my home.

Back in Maahad Hamidiah, we had this idea, that everyone is a hypocrite one way or the other, no matter how good that person is or how bad, there is always something we would over saw. that means, we don't trust looks. That's why one of BADAR's main job is to make sure that everyone has a good being in them.

I've seen people following Usrah and Muzzakarah Iman yet go out for smoking, and people whom are wise and intelligent yet not so active in such things. It's a dual world in Maahad.

So my adventure in IIU started when as usual, going to the mosque wearing a jubah and a serban as i did in Maahad. It was a habit of mine to do such things.

However, when I was in the mosque, there wasn't any other single being (except 2 others) whom was wearing an attire like mine. ok don't mind about that.

I did my prayers, then the surprising happened. Someone came to me and asked whether I was fro Darul Qur'an. Like Puh-lease

He said that I "looked" like someone "alim" wearing a serban and jubah. I replied to him that, no, I wasn't exactly from DQ, not a graduate there, once learned but didn't stayed. Only memorize quite a few verses of the Qur'an, and God knows how many I scored in my Arabics and Islamic Studies (not to mention I got a C+ in Shariah, and I was hoping to take a double degree in that). I'm not that "alim" compared to some of my friends, especially the KISASians in Islamic knowledge.

I explained to them that our outer looks doesn't signify anything to others. It is just a proclamation of what we believe in. like if somebody really loves the prophet then he would wear a jubah and a serban, but not vice verse.

I've been telling people, don't judge a book by it's cover (although I could get a lot of things about people by there body language).

To come to someone and ask them "Are you somebody Alim?" I feel that isn't that much of a significance in these times. It's base on the heart of a person, then showing it through his-self and his surroundings.

What is Alim these days? somebody with a high knowledge in Islam, yet still doesn't practice it?
Somebody who looks nice but in his heart (which we wouldn't know) is filled with emptiness and ignorance in religion? or is it just somebody whom as all people would see it, once learned at a religious institute i.e. KISAS, Maahad Hamidiah or Darul Qur'an?

Last question to be thought of: Are you somebody who is Alim?

Muslim = Following Muhammad

For the love of the prophet, how many of us are willing to sacrifice ourselves for the prophet and hos teachings?

I've watched this movie so often that every time I watch it new energy seeps into me. I've even uploaded it into my hand phone so I could watch it often.

This one minute show could give so much meaning.
And surprisingly, this advertisement was made by Hollywood.

Don't believe me? well that's up to you.

The story was like this if I'm not mistaken, the Saudi government wanted to propagate the love for the prophet, so they seek Hollywood to produce such an advertisement. (well you know how close Saudi is to the West, and please tell me if I was wrong)

* * *

There is a problem in our society right now, in which many Muslims aren't that much Muslims.
we proclaim that "Muhammad is the messenger of Allah" every day, yet how many of us actually do his teachings. Like wearing a jubah and kopiah when going to pray and regular attire, looking down and being modest when walking, wearing "celak" (the black powder we put on our eyes) or even smiling always.

Egoistically these humans, especially Muslims nowadays needed scientific proof that such Sunnah are good. Well personally, I think these people are hypocrites, needing to asking questions and proofs, when the real big proof: if you do the Sunnah then you'll go to heaven, they didn't look upon. That's the problem with Muslims nowadays, they are too "Earthly bound".

Those who perform my practices love me, and those who love me shall be with me in heaven

Well, by the law of Mathematical reasoning, then if A=B=C, then A=C

thus whoever does the Sunnah goes to heaven. it's as simple as that.

When we talk about the"Sunnah" it doesn't mean that when you do it you get good deeds, and if you don't it's ok.

The prophet's Sunnah is actually a line for Muslims to see whether they have succeed or failed doing something. If you do something following the prophet, you succeed, if you don't, you fail, it's that simple.

Note to everyone: Do you love the prophet? Prove it, I dare you.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

E=mc2, Relativity theory

Now in my mind right many of you whom have seen this equation,


thought that it has something to do with emotional intelligence etc (gibberish things)

well to tell you the truth, it's actually has NOTHING to do with emotions (well not yet of course, until I talk about Meta-physics)

E=mc2 is actually THE equation about Einstein's theory of relativity, in which well "physics is logic" i.e. it means that physics law applies everywhere.

In your head I'm sure you'll start thinking BORING!!!!
Well this is where the meta-physics side comes in.

And well, bad news is that we've gotta learn more about it to understand what in the next few sentences I'm going to say.

represents Energy

m represents mass/ matter

c is the speed of light, which FYI is approximately 186,282 miles per second. that is very, very fast.

now if you learn physics, you would learn things like directly proportional or indirectly proportional. The speed of light is always the same, it never changes, unless in changes mediums.

So the Energy is directly proportional to the mass. (like What??!!)

What I mean here is that if you have more mass (you weight more or you're bigger) then you would have more energy.

This fits nicely with the concept that Allah s.w.t is Almighty (Akbar), Allah has an infinite size that we could not imagine. Thus this means that Allah s.w.t has an infinite amount of energy, more than anything we could imagine.
Ok. that's in Religion.

Now into Emotions.

Emotional Intelligence uses brainpower, thus is represented by E, Energy.

m is represented by the soul, or how much the soul weight. If you give the soul food (Dzikr, Solat, Reading the Qur'an, doing good deeds) then you increases it's weight.

c is the human instincts (fitrah manusia), what are our intuitions as a norm, which is constant.

So from my theory of relativity, it comes to this:
The more soul you have (filled with spiritual things), the more better are you in controlling your Emotions.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to control your emotions, and when you have done things like making yourself spiritually linked to the world and to the One true God, then you are able to control it better.

So for those of you whom usually have emotional problems (I'm focusing on to Fareeha here, LOL), try getting close to Allah for a while, i can confirm, it'll help a lot.

The Truth About Muslims in America

Barack Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim, but if he were of the latter faith, more than half of all Americans would have no idea what that affiliation meant beyond stereotypes, a new study finds.

Like nearly all social groups, Muslim Americans are a diverse group both politically and socially.

While some have tried to clarify Obama's religious affiliation, others have gone further and condemned the negative use of the label Muslim to elicit prejudice and fear.

Most recently, former Secretary of State Colin Powell rebuked the claims that Obama is a Muslim and said, "What if he is? Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer is 'No. That's not America.'"

The new results based partly on national surveys suggest Americans think the Islamic religion is associated with violence and religious extremism, and perhaps even terrorism. Along with these negative views, which have spurred a general fear of Muslims, seven in 10 Americans admit they know very little about the Islamic religion.

"Clearly, many Americans are convinced Muslim Americans pose some kind of threat to American society," Duke University sociologist Jen'nan Ghazal Read writes in the fall issue of Contexts magazine, published by the American Sociological Association. "Two widespread assumptions fuel these fears. First, that there's only one kind of Islam and one kind of Muslim, both characterized by violence and anti-democratic tendencies. Second, that being a Muslim is the most salient identity for Muslim Americans."

Overall, Muslim Americans are, well, American. They have similar levels of career and educational attainment as the general American public; their political beliefs are just as varied as the general public; and their typical level of religious devotion is on par with that of many other religious groups, the research shows.

Fear of the unknown

The results come from interviews with more than 3,600 Muslim Americans in 2001 and 2004 by the Georgetown University Muslims in the American Public Square (MAPS) project and with 1,050 Muslim Americans in 2007 by the Pew Research Center. Information was also harvested from the General Social Survey run by the University of Chicago. And Read has conducted research for the past 10 years on the economic, political and cultural integration of Muslim and Arab Americans.

Some of the findings include:

  • Four in 10 Americans have an unfavorable view of Islam.
  • Five in 10 believe Islam is more likely than other religions to encourage violence.
  • Six in 10 believe Islam is very different from their own religion.

These views stem from misperceptions and just not knowing the facts, said Read, who volunteered that she is not Muslim.

For instance, people often confuse Muslim, which means a person who practices the religion Islam, with an ethnic group such as Arabs, she said.

But that's like assuming all Christians are African American or Irish American. In the United States, Read said, about 25 percent of Muslims are African American, while one-third are Arab, one-third are South Asian and a small group are U.S.-born Anglos and Hispanics who have converted to the Islamic religion. An estimated 2 million to 8 million Muslims currently live in the United States.

People often think of Islam and say, "Oh, that's Osama bin Laden," Read said. "Osama bin Laden is a terrorist who was using Islam to try to recruit people into his terrorist organization but Islam has nothing to do with terrorism."

Who are Muslims?

Read's research has painted a picture of Muslims that resembles the picture most of us have of most Americans.

"Muslim Americans look a lot like other groups of Americans," Read said.

On average, Muslim Americans tend to be highly educated, politically conscious and fluent in English. As a group, they share similar socio-economic characteristics with the general U.S. population in terms of education, income and employment: one-fourth has a bachelor's degree or higher; one-fourth lives in households with incomes of $75,000 or more; the majority are employed.

The same match-up goes for political and religious views. "Being a Muslim isn't necessarily the most important factor when it comes to their political attitudes," Read said.

For instance, the majority of both Muslim Americans and the general public oppose gay marriage and favor increased federal funding for the needy. Muslim Americans are slightly more conservative than the American public with regard to abortion, with 56 percent of Muslim Americans opposing it compared with 46 percent of the general public.

Foreign policy is the one area where Muslim Americans aren't entirely in step with the general public, particularly with regard to the Middle East. In 2007, for example, Americans were overall nearly four times as likely as Muslim Americans to say the war in Iraq was the "right decision," and twice as likely to say the same about the war in Afghanistan.

Like Christians, Jews and members of other faiths, Muslim Americans vary widely on their levels of religious devotion, along with how often they attend a mosque and pray.

"The idea is if you just group everybody together that's a Muslim by affiliation and then pretend like one characteristic defines them, well that's as silly as saying that all blacks can run fast," Read told LiveScience. "Being a Muslim doesn't mean they all hold the same values, attitudes, but we haven't been very good about recognizing that."

Muslims in politics

Even with such similarities, Read said, political campaigns have used the "Obama is Muslim" tactic to steer voters away from the Democratic presidential candidate.

"I think they're definitely trying to play it up a little bit more because it's socially acceptable to say [Obama is] Muslim and let that be used to scare people," Read said, adding that the tactic is meant to paint Obama as a non-mainstream American.

Educating the public about the diversity of Muslims and the Islamic faith could not only stem fears but also help to unite the nation.

"If we're going to face our nation's challenges in a truly democratic way, we need to move past the fear that Muslim Americans are un-American so we can bring them into the national dialogue," Read said.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pseudonym: The Third Identity

Some of you, ok, maybe all of you reading this blog might be wondering what in the world did I changed my blog name, or even what is a Pseudonym.

As a meta-physician, this is how I define pseudonym: Your third Identity, it's a true name, that defines who you are, now don't get me wrong, the word "Khallyd Afradhu" I'm not convince yet is my true name, it's just a pseudonym, an anagram, see if you rearrange it it will become: Abdullah Fakhry.

Go to an Arabic Dictionary, and find the words KhallyD and Afradhu.

The word Khallyd has the "saktah" on the lam, this means the meaning of the word is beyond, in other words if Khaleed means forever then Khallyd (pronounce: Khal'-Lid) is even "beyond forever", pretty cool ehh. now don't be confuse about living immortal or divine, this is where the second word comes Afradhu. It derives from two words: Farid and Fardhu, which when I look in the dictionary was both words. Farid means old, age old and experience old. While Fardhu means obligation, when converted to Afradhu it means "server of religion/ obligation duties".

When both words are combined Khallyd Afradhu, you get the very cool meaning "Forever Lasting Server of the Religion"

Cool Ehh? well that was just an anagram type pseudonym, not actually the real thing just a speculation. Usually pseudonyms are created like this: Rearranging the words in the name to find a whole new meaning.

Isaac Newton had a pseudonym which meant One true God, he rearranged his name to be "Jeovus Sanctus Unus", in Early Rome J was I and V was U, it's Latin and Symbology, get your history, so it became Isacuss Neutounius or in English Isaac Newton.

There is however as I've been speculating a third Identity, this identity is build up by the Pseudonym and your original name with your life.

How you find it is very simple: You list down as many characteristics as possible that defines your being, then carefully looking upon each word ask several friends to cross any words that they think doesn't represents you, Now firstly you must make sure that before you show the list to your friends you need to make sure that's you on that list, not what people think.

Get 3 of the best characteristics you got, and so this will be your definition. In Eragon it's called true names, in computers it's called meta system personality, in the real world it's called your Identity.

Finding the three words that defines you could be very hard and sometimes inaccurate, this is where you would need the help of a psychologist or a counselor, of course easiest way is to go to the personality exam and see what type of person you are.

Understanding true names gives great power to you and to those who knows it (I'm not kidding). they could understand your methodology of working, your M.O, or how you might interpret things and affect it, thus using it to their own gain.

The third Identity could also be applied to vast number of people or population. You could define countries and state there characteristics, this is widely used by politicians during election or internal affairs, it's called meta-systems.

The power of pseudonym is beyond our apprehension, and like any abstract force, it constantly changes because there are people who opposes there pseudonym, thus being the superior force and gaining free will, unpredictable is it called, and yet that becomes there pseudonym.

So for those of you whom are looking for your identity, your true identity, try finding a pseudonym, it's all the worth, remember
the most careless mistake anyone will do isn't when people don't understand you, it's when you don't understand yourself.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Metaphysics: The world beyond

So sorry to my readers for the ever changing blog layout, but it was very tempting to do it. And so after some brief searches Alhamdullillah i was able to get back my former layout.

You might have notice some new things like the name of this blog, again has changed for the fifth consecutive time. Why you ask, it's a matter of identity, our blog represents ourselves. I feel that anything that we put sweat, mind, ideas or even time in it, it is a part of our life, our identity, it defines us.

Alhamdullilah, now I have found another cool ability of mine when going through the world of science and social: Metaphysics.

So what is metaphysics?

well looking from linguistic definition, we find the word Meta from the Greek word meaning "beyond", while Physics means "law's of the world" or physical.

when combined we get the simple definition of Metaphysics: The understanding of the principles that governs the world beyond. Literally, don't get me wrong, this is not about life after death or cosmos or anything about the tenth dimension. Well, actually it is, just in more wider terms and more acceptable. It actually tries to implies Scientific reasoning in the abstract world.

Don't get me?

It's like this: Newton's first Law of Motion: Inertia.
Now substitute this in the abstract world.

How do you define the abstract world?

If you are a historian or social science type of person, you could induce that as long as an event is happening, it will continue to happen as long there is no superior force acting opposing it


If you are a teenager, you could state that if you are a loser, then you will continue to be a loser until some superior force opposes your losing force, and eventually gives you a win.

The forces applied can be anything like determination, help, hope, etc.

Metaphysics has 8 central questions it is trying to answer:

  1. Cosmology and cosmogony

  2. Determinism and free will

  3. Identity and change

  4. Mind and matter

  5. Necessity and possibility

  6. Objects and their properties

  7. Religion and spirituality

  8. Space and time

These central questions has sparked my interest and Insyaallah I'm going to take as an additional subject in University, although I'm not putting to much thought in it (I know for sure my parents would deny the idea of me being a Philosopher, they want me to be an engineer), but still no one says that there is only one chapter in a book, look at Ibnu Sina, Alfarabi, they we're great Meta-physician, why Ibnu Sina was even a doctor. So seeing as I still will be learning physics anyway, let's take this idea in a make the most of it.

Central Question: What is in it for me, or my contribution to the Islamic world as a whole if I learn it?

Metaphysics, is the understanding of the realm beyond, thus insyaallah I'm sure it would be of great help in understanding how Allah s.w.t created this world. Metaphysics also touch upon the most basic definitions of humanity: free will, human rights, truth and pure knowledge. Physics might be the knowledge to make your life more easier, but making things easier yet still contributing to the world, this is where Meta comes in. It's not what you should do (physics) it's how you are suppose to do it (Metaphysics)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Meeting Back the past

Those who forgotten history, are doomed to repeat it

- Only Allah knows who said it-

So let's recap what we've been doing during these weekends.

I've gone to Fraser Hill for a little reunion with my Madrasatul Hayyah Islah pals, meeting one another, each one of us just got our University registration results.

Some of us are going to Egypt and Jordan under scholarships. Some went to Darul Qur'an. some...... Like myself are just waiting.

But that's ain't the post I want to talk about. What I really want to talk about is history.

What was a grand program during our Reunion was the ISK (Ini Sejarah KIta) or This is Our History.

I learned that, the world as we know it, is on a wheel. things that once happen, might happen again, just in a different method.

For example, once upon a time, nations were trying to conquer other nations, well if you see it or not, it's happening. But last time it was through military power, now in the 21st century we are on going a conquering of idea's and principles.

In islam it's called "Ghuzwatul Fikr" or Battle of Ideas. It's like the cold war, just this time people don't know it's that cold. People don't know that they are in a tense battle of ideas and principles.

Most of us, if not all Muslims looks like as if are on the losing side. which is a fact that can't be denied. Really, I've been to United States and I never heard a Mat rempit there yet, or if the people there are unethical in any way. yes you could see them wearing bras or doing free sex, but you don't see them throwing there child in a dust bin.

It's like the old saying
"More Westernizing than the Westerns"
So back to the History part, our history, Muslims to be precise is on a simple basis of exponential growth rate to really bad decrease since the last century.

We lost in the world war, our Khalifah is o where to be found and there are 57 Muslim countries instead of one United Islamic State.

I've heard of things like OIC (Ohh I see.......) that are desperately "trying" to regroup the Muslim countries, but how many of our Muslim leaders are really keen to the idea of uniting all of the nations: NONE.

You don't see OIC sending military support to Palestine, nor are they helping Iran build there Nuclear, or when some dude from the western countries critic Islam, you don't see them fighting back. It just seems to me that OIC is lost.

What I learned in history was that Muslims stood on the basis of knowledge and Islamic virtues, which held them as the leading power for 10 centuries, I heard that we didn't cared much what type of race we were or where did we come from as long as we bear witness that Allah is the Almighty God and Muhammad is his Messenger. That's what I remembered.

But heads on: It's just a memory.

This is were the circulation theory comes in. When something acts as a memory, it becomes an idea, from an Idea into a word, from a word into an action, and from an action to becoming a destiny.

Now the question write now is: who's gonna start thinking this forgotten memory?

You don't need to look left or right when you are answering this, you just need to see a mirror, and say to that reflection of your.

"Hey you, yes you the one I'm talking to, You need to do something about this falling world"

say that to yourself everyday, and Insyaallah, your body will do the rest. It's like training for public speaking or debate, just this time your debating and public speaking to yourself for change.

And so this just proves, that in life your not changing anyone, your trying to change YOU. Because when you change YOU, YOU change the world, because YOU are the WORLD.

PS: to all MHi'ans "miss u all" hope to see you seen, hopefully in heaven, ameen.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Face, New Step

Alhamdullillah, I finally was able to find a good substitute layout for the former layout I lost due to some technical reasons. I feared that my blog was marked spam several times that it might be deleted. So I change the layout and the web address.

the name of this blog is now Islamic Conscience, due to the fact I fell that there should be a small awareness in all of us, especially Muslims whom are reading this to understand that the truest and most notable enemy we would face is the devil inside of us.

I feel that there should be a need to tell everyone what is going on, I mean what is truly going on in the eyes of the victim of the situation.

I've been reading blogs and researching for my Islamic Metaphysics and the Islamic world, and this have brought me into finding some sites that have been accusing Islam with various accusations like not respecting human rights, violent, terrorist and etc, which I felt that we have been a religion of misunderstood, it seems that human instincts and egoism has suppress everything else including logic, truths, and reason.

There those blogs that I would respect due to the fact that they actually talk on Islam in a mannerly fashion and so, I wish discuss more with them, I feel that if there was any way to show back how beautiful Islam is, then I would take it.

Insyaallah, Akhuluqau lihaza wa astharfirullah.
May Peace be upon you all

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Truth or Dare?

Ok ok ok

I'm really sorry to all my readers for the lateness in updating this blog, I know how down to earth you would want to read it. So before I go on to the topic up there (truth or Dare) I firstly want to make some things clear.

There is good and bad news.
The bad news is that, due to the complications my blog has experienced, the layout might be changed (i'm guessing around 70% of chance it would)

Good news is that if it does change then I'll just have to fine a better layout.

No worries, bu the end of the day, we'll still have to give out the response we see in this world, we can't just make as if nothing has happened, we need to have conscience in what we are doing.... Duh.

I'll try as much as I could enhance this blog so it is more colorful and less formal, LAME. but still going to our cause: Creating Awareness among everyone.

* * *

Have you ever played truth or dare. When I was at IIU (16 - 21 April) I regularly play it. It's a really fun game to play. Number 1: it actually test how egoistic man is in proving that he can do anything. Number 2: everything is for real.

It actually enrolls some Islamic values in the game.......

What don't believe me? I have to differ. Well for one it actually condemns you, train you really to tell the truth (that is if you choose the truth part). We as Muslims must always tell the truth. DUH.

But, but, but, nowadays you don't see many of those type of people actually telling whole truths.
Theres a saying that half truth are whole lies. Well whether I'm lying or not is up to you. LOL

Remember saying the truth never means that you are an honest person. There are only a few people I could count whom are honest: Muhammad for instance. Honesty only comes when you aren't a hypocrite. Confuse Ehh? Well if you wanna know what in the world is a hypocrite I advise you to go to Surah Al Munafiqun. There's a whole text there saying what is a hypocrite. Hopefully not me or you.

To the second part ehh......
DARE. There's an organization called D.A.R.E. its an abbreviation of Drug Abuse Resistance Education. Cool ehh? but lets not leave the scoop for today.

As Muslims, Allah has dared us with many things. Doing the unthinkable or impossible just to praise and thy glory His name.

This is one thing I wouldn't need to say long. You really ought to DARE yourself to do the things other people wouldn't. Like: wearing a Hijab in the middle of France, or praising thy Lord in the middle of a concert, or just try to meet all of the world leaders and say to them what's going on in this world. It isn't good that's I'm sure. Daring never means that you need to be different, it means you need to do what people think are quite incredible that's all. So lets dare ourselves with something incredible everyday: Wear a jubah to college, go to class with a serban, or just give a morning brief in front of assembly about how Great Allah is. just do something incredible. Sometimes the most easiest things to do are among the most incredible.

Well that ends today's post, Good day, Wassalam