Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Finally: The Anti Muslim Spray!!!

Assalamualaikum all!!!

I've been sipping through the internet for interesting news about our cousins in other religions and here I found out something very interesting: An Anti - Muslim Spray and other ways to avoid muslims.

I thought to myself: Fascinating, this could be interesting. So I opened the video(it was on YouTube) and 'tada'. So the concept was this: they wanted some "equipment" to deter Muslims from getting close to them (bomb threat, curses or whatever).

Here we're some of the things proposed:
  1. They wanted Muslims to wear an ID card always to show that they were muslims
  2. They wanted to insert a special chip into us, it might even glow in the dark.
  3. to some extreme they wanted our social security number tattooed on our shoulder (don't know how they are going to spot that, because we do usually wear jubahs. lol)
  4. An Anti Muslim Spray (Although some of our cousins would just shot us in the head instead)

 One thing that came to my liking is this idea of an ID card. to know who or who isn't a muslim. Seriously, I wouldn't have minded at all. The most important thing to any muslim is the way he portrays himself to the world. Call bragging or pride or whatever, I believe that setting examples is the first key to making other people understand Islam. Don't you? Many peopl

1 Pooh

Are you ready too meet the monster?
These days abang "Fatty" has been at home for very long (1) He has not been out since "the-day-everyone-starves" (2) No it's only him and Aziem around (3) Everyone else is out to work and play (4) Abang "Uaim" is always so hardy with papers and pens (4) Never being at home nor playing the "glowing-screen-with-many-buttons" (5)

Now Aziem is going to be a MAN (6) Aziem will not wear the "white-tight-spenders-that-sometimes-gets-wet" any longer!!! (7) Baba said that Aziem is grown up now (8) And now Aziem must go into the "stinky-wet-room-where-abang-sings" if Aziem feels like his butt is hurting (9) What crazy creatures will we find there? (10)

There was this one time, Aziem came face-to-face with the "huge-white-mouthed-being-with-whirlpools-in-it's-mouth" (11) Aziem was so frighten the first time Aziem saw it (12) but Aziem now is a MAN (13)

Abang Fatty says to wet hands after pooh
Ummi said: that if Aziem wants to pooh, Aziem must find Abang "Fatty" and say: "Nak pooh" (14) The effects where astounding and incredible! (15) The moment Aziem says that Abang Fatty would go "What!!?!#!? Ye ke?" He would yell (16) the scene in abang "Fatty's" face when he picks me up and quickly goes to the "stinky-wet-room-where-abang-sings" and into the "huge-white-mouthed-being-with-whirlpools-in-it's-mouth" was the best (17) sometimes Aziem would do pranks too, so Abang Fatty would not just read book and write funny gibberish things (18)

Yes!!! Defeated the monster again!!
Aziem always imagines that the only way to defeat this "gruesome" and horrifying creature, Aziem must butt him (19) Everyday is a day Aziem must go and defeat the monster, and sooooo Aziem will be a MAN (20)