Friday, August 19, 2011

I am Grateful that I made it Home

Alhamdullillah, praise to Allah s.w.t that yesterday I was able to reach home safely.

I am grateful that yesterday I was finally able to celebrate Nadiya's 8th birthday.

Ergo, before this, I wasn't able to come to Aziem's or Udden's Birthday, so this time I made an effort to come to Nadiya's birthday, better put my face somewhere.

I am grateful that I had enough money to buy all 3 of them presents, although it reached more than the budget I had expected, it was still enough to get me back to my house, the taxi driver was asking where in the world my house was, it seemed it was at the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the forest.

I bought Nadiya a nice little pink rabbit, I wanted to remind her about me, so I thought to myself, a stuffed rabbit would do!

As a brother, I am grateful that I remembered how adorable and naughty my siblings can be, if you buy a present for one of them, you have to buy for the others. I bought Ben 10 action figures both for Aziem and Udden, both looked delighted at there new toys.

Only Nuaim wasn't home yet, being in the middle between the two factions of "seniors" and "juniors" in the family, he was best of both worlds. There was some problems regarding his ticket back to Malaysia, alas, I'm grateful that he is still alright, he didn't even whine about it, he just said that if worst case scenario, he would celebrate at Bandung. He is so cheerful.
Ergo, I hope to see everyone this Eidul Fitri, This year I'll be the one driving back to "Kampung", I'm already a pro in long distance driving, my mum even went on calling me a very "ethical" driver. Thanks Ummi.

I am grateful to be home.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The World is SENSITIVE

Butter is better than Jam!
It's funny to see a country that provides you with almost....... almost all the rights (including the absurd ones) can go up in agony and chaos. and to begin with, you might have thought that only countries like Libya or Saudi would go with a riot, but no, now we see the U.K going with their PMS period.

Let's get our facts right, if I'm not mistaken the reason why there was a riot in London was because some crappy police shot a some black dude. mistaking it as a form of discrimination some people took to the streets.
another would be because the high prices of items, or the undeveloped urban areas..... and the list goes on and on, from social stigmas to this whole idea that citizens want a time to off from work.

Don't be an animal
the point is, these people are sensitive.

and it isn't a good thing, I remembered when i was overly sensitive you loose all common sense and become emotionally entrench in something you forgot the real reason why you did it.

What are you looking at?
Like one of those times when you're fighting with your sibling you wanted to punish him for taking your toys without your permission, then he spits at you, and you become emotional about it, so instead in talking about the toys, you knuckle him for spitting at you, which would never solve the problem..... get it? nope

The world has been more fragile and sensitive in the past 10 years than in the past 100 years, simply because of the media and globalization. Nowadays you can't even go to the bathroom without telling 40 people!!!

very acute this world is, we like to make fuss of even the smallX2 things like who should sit first, is butter better than a jam, or do I look fatter in these slim clothes? My great grandparents would laugh at the problems of the 21st century.

What we need is a reconciliation, a moment to think as some people would say it. Some time to stay still and ask ourselves, "good gracious lords, what have I become?!!"

Monday, August 8, 2011

Long Time Ramadhan

Dah lama tak update bllog ni, entah apa nak cakap...................

But............ let's make it simple for now. It's Ramadhan, the nights are wonderful, everyone is less talking and more smiling, and the food never tasted any better.

One of the things that you will find important during ramadhan, other than to fast and pray, is to meet up with friends and family.

Every day you'll be delighted to break your fast with other hungry faces and gobble up what little food you all have left. You also have to go through the squishing during jumaah prayers, everyone is trying to get the front seat and shake hands with the mullah.

But that's Ramadhan, and there are a whole lot of other interesting things happening during this moment. Hopefully I could update it for another time.