Monday, January 17, 2011

Chapter 2.2 - How to make a bottle of milk

Don't mess with the ziemer when he wants his milk
Aziem's head popped from his hiding place................ behind the huge-smooth-sofa-with-no-legs.
he heard footsteps from above. It seems Abang Tah (Fattah) is coming down from his very-high-sleeping-spot. Aziem scratched his head. why in the world do "grown ups" like Abang Tah puts there sleeping place soooooo high.

Like me, anywhere is my sleeping place, penat je, jatuh and asleep..........................

Abang Tah has come down already, finally some company to watch the "moving pictures" together. This one was reallly good, they literally dazzled my eyes, just watching at these things is somehow fun.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmppph, my tummy just growled, time for some milk, good thing Abang Tah is here, hopefully he could make me some milk.

"Abang Tah.... Tah!", why in the world isn't he listening.

"Abang Tah!!!!"


Finally, some attention, huh now for the milk.

"Su, Su"

"Ummi went to work lah Aziem"

No he got it all wrong.

"Su, Su" i pointed at the big cylinder on the table and the bottles in the sinky. Cant this guy understand I want some milk?!?

BAH!! grown ups, I'll teach him how to make milk. I saw ummi buat senang je.

I pointed my small, sausage-shaped  fingers at the big RED tin. Take it already abang Tah ni!!!

he took it obediently, I prompt him to put his hand into the the tin, and then............ and then WHAT!!!?!!

I pointed at the cylinder-shiny-thingy and ask Abang Tah to open it, holding his shirt at the same time. hurry up, I'm starving ni.

Obediently, Abang Tah, did how I ordered him to. What was it 3 or was it 4 scoops of "white dirt" Abang Si always put like what? till all the yummyness could be consumed maybe??$&#*@!

Huh, after that, pour in some water, make sure it's warm.

Yeay!!!! it's finished, with the lid on, I snatched the small bottle from Abang Tah's awesomely-gigantic-crushing-hands.

The warm-sweet-milk-that-makes-your head-all-peaceful was soooooooo delicious! Although I still would want to comment on Abang Tah's personal taste, it's sometimes feel wiggle inside out, if you get what I mean Abang Tah.

Abang Tah Thanks, LUV ye =)


  1. Dude, you put the Hamidian bedsheet at the curtain's spot?? lol
    Hey, I miss him already.
    Didnt get to meet him often when I was in SAIS y'know.