Tuesday, October 20, 2009

He's So Wrong, Yet So Right.........

There is a bad boy icon for every generation - James Dean, Elvis Presley, Warren Beatty, Colin Farrel(ok so maybe you don't know them).

In the fictional world of television and movies, bad boy characters are plenty. The most current is the romantic vampire Edward Cullen(yeah I've seen it).

You've seen the type: he carries himself with a confident stride, sports an attractive smirk and great hair, muscles rippling at the right places and a flirtatious vocabulary to make you hot behind your ears(we're not talking about me, so don't get any wrong ideas).
In fact, I'm willing to bet(with just 2 dollars) that some girls out there have been romantically intertwined with one at least once in your lifetime(and still have the emotional scars to show it). The cad is the guy everyone tells you to stay away from( In which I would insist you just stay away!). Yet with each sweet promise he makes you gravitate closer towards him. He's the man you won't take home to meet your Mum and Dad, yet you can't say no when he invites himself into your house( ok that's a little too much). The one that friends know is wrong for you in the long run, yet somehow feels so right, at the moment. In short, he's the guy - if your brain is still functioning properly and have any sense - that you should stay far, far, far, (and I mean very far away).

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