Sunday, October 25, 2009

Its All A Test

It's late, and I mean late as 2 am late. couldn't sleep and my head has been jamming with hyper visions(insomnia and stuff).
It's already the last 20 days before SPM (Sijil Paling Merapu) and I feel totally exhausted after 40 days of hyper, non stop learning from A to Z of these crazy text books God-knows-why I'm reading right now. But all in all, alhamdullillah, this part of my story is almost finish and I would be glad(totally glad) that this will eventually end.(Although I know eventually a month after SPM I'll be taking another hard exam called SAT's)
From the moment I was able to talk and see the world as it is(cruel and very unnatural), I've been to 3 parts of the world( there's actually 10, but those doesn't count because it was just a short stay)
From the United states to Malaysia, and Insyaallah now as I've just gotten the attention of the security council and Proton( for scholarships) to Saudi Arabia.

Experience thought me that these part of hard time life are the ones that we should cherish most. Why? simply because getting through all this was so hard it could knock your brain dead cold!!! And because as you can see, it was these parts of life that was mostly worth the effort.
As my twin use to say it(and I could still hear it in my head right now): it's ALL A TEST.

I've had my share of test and trials and hard times: from going through non stop chase by undertaker, to the all average emotional of losing hope, then wanting to win everything and compete with everyone, and finally this never ending battle of brains. Yep I had my fair share of experience. And Alhamdullillah, Finally!! it's gonna end!

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