Friday, November 13, 2009

The Last Will: Where there's a beginning there's an End

Insyaallah, in a weeks time I'm to sit for my SPM examinations, and after that I'll be leaving this school of mine. i feel old and yet I never felt so young in my entire life.
I remembered when I used to be so small, so chubby, so ridiculously cute, all the seniors would want to pinch my face for God-knows what reason. As I got older, I realize that there is more to life than just plain old textbooks, school, prefects, and whatever kind of stuff, it's the experience, the thrill, and the wonders you've been through.

I suppose, my time is almost up as a teenager, I could feel it in my bones, crippling my entire body like a cage. And yet, I'm happy about it. I'm grateful to Allah that I was able to meet some great people, some people who thinks they are just normal but are actually extraordinary. I don't believe the next time we meet you'll be just some kind of" Student", no you'll be more than that.

Getting out from Maahad has changed me, I won't be the same person twice when I finish these exams, that I'm positive of. Even though Maahad might be a little less comfortable to stay in right now ( with all crazy laws, dont bother to tell me) but if I was given a second chance to go and seek knowledge there, then I will take it.

Islam does not need another Salahuddin Al Ayyubi or Muhammad Fateh or anyone in that certain matter, what Islam needs is YOU. i once told my juniors that whatever you do you have to make sure in the end Islam will get the benefit, directly or indirectly.

The end is certain but then what's the end for an ending? I don't believe this is the last time we'll meet ( even if the reaper is right next to me), because there's just no end to it. Yes maybe there'll be the end of the world thing, 2012, the day after tommorow, but there is still something after that, even you couldnt disagree. So right now as a testify this, Insyaallah I'm sure we'll meet again someday, let it be tomorrow or the day after.

what does Fakhry means?,

It means going through hardships, experience and a long journey, only knowing that it was never the end that we should be proud of, but the journey that we've gone through, doing the things we love with the people we love. I'm never proud at what I accomplish, but I'm proud that there are people accomplishing incredible things because of it. That is what Fakhry means.

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