Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FREEDOM!!!! The Journey Continues.......

Its over,

SPM has passed, now only as a distant memory, only a scar in my life which would be a reminder for all the goodness, greatness, thrill, hardship and patience's I went through my life.

But now a new journey is going to unveil, the second chapter has finished, the third is just about to start. i remembered what Ustazah Marzilah told me:
"Hidup nu dua hari sahaja
Hari ini dan semalam"

Well, so much for being old. It seems I'm not that old after all. I'm just sixteen and going to seventeen yet right now I'm already employed and working office hours at my moms school as a computer accountant, a debate trainer and a teacher in Tilawatul Qur'an. I sometimes laugh at myself, what in the world am I becoming and this is a survey my doctor and my parents think what courses I could take for the next league of my journey:
  • Noetics Science: no, this is not made up. It is the Science of mind and mysteries and ancients. and again No, it's not about magic. this is some new course that started when people realize that the human soul actually has mass (yes it really does!). I read most of my research from the all new " the Lost Symbol" from Dan Brown. It does not only talk about the mind, but also how it functions and how it is actually able to change our world. this with the advice from my doctor said it could be used to help me ( I have some mental problem, where my brain works double than other people but performs slower than others). Not just that, but in addition to our mind it will also discuss about how the ancients work and the ancient mysteries. Like whether there is a fountain of youth or not, or the Philosopher's stone, or things like chi energy, human genome, Yakjuj and Makjuj, telepathy and clairvoyance, or whether is it true that the Hajarul Aswas is from heaven and has mystical properties. This I want to find out. The people before us has talked a lot about this, even in the Quran there is still some mysteries to be solved, and I want to be the one to find it. The reason why I'm interested was because before this I wanted to be a Quran Scientist, and this course fits the spot, whi knows maybe more.
  • Quantum Physics: you guess it, our friendly technology we all like to call Nanotech. Quantum means small and I mean tiny small, while Physics means the physical world principles. Now this Nanotechnology isn't actually as new as you would have thought of it. People now has been using it in things like food manufacturing, medicine and human anatomy improvement. Now lets talk about the later, "human anatomy improvement", the reason why I like this was because I had a lung disease, some say it's incurable, but I really don't want to believe that now. I once watch this movie where someone who was hit by a car, got spilled with toxic substances and drank half a liter of carbon fume and was on the verge of death miraculously reincarnated with the help of subatomic nanotech particles that took over his body's organs and made him extraordinary. Insyaallah, it's in my grasp as we speak.
  • Syariatul Islamiah: This of course came from the idea of becoming a politician. I really hated becoming one so she thought something else for me, one that came to my liking. I was a Winner of the state Islamic Public Speaking, so words and verses was a talent of mine. I also wanted to know more about Islam and how it is perfect.
  • Political Science: Yep, this is one course many other people think I have a talent in. I'm a debater, a leader and has a broad knowledge about the political arena that some people says that I could go to parliament right this moment and people would think any lesser.
So there we have it, a list of some of the courses I might take, it would be great if someone could help me choose because its not like I could choose all, I can't with a brain like mines. So lets see what'll happen for the time. we've got 5 months, that'll hopefully be more than enough time

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