Monday, February 15, 2010

Smile sukmo everyone!!!!!

Relationship break-ups, economy crisis, everything so gloomy. Without our realizing of it, this bombardment of negativity will bring even the most optimistic down.

yet there are some ways we could help ourselves to feel more positive without having to squash our brains to smithereens (Mind you I learn this in therapy).

  • Simple Pleasures : Once something becomes familiar we tend to stop paying attention to it - even if it becomes pleasurable. ever had a piece of chocolate that tasted gorgeous but then you didn't noticed the rest of the bar disappearing down your throat? Start making a note of the simpler things that brings you pleasure as you notice them. this way, you heighten the experience and focus on the positive feelings inspired. With every pleasure coming say Alhamdullillah the least.
  • Random Kindness (my way): Psychologists ( my psychologist to be precise) have found that one of the most effective way to lift people from depression is for them to help others. What more better spirit lifter than the smiles of others?
  • Count Chimneys: It sounds odd, but it's harder to feel angry when you are looking up. there's a reason for the saying "you're looking down" when someone seems unhappy. Try it - and things will really look up (although I don't recommend if there was a sexy lady passing by)
  • Three Gifts (again from my psychologist) : This exercise can have a greater impact on depression than medication. At the end of each day, just before bed, look back at today and bring to mind three good things that happened. It doesn't have to be huge - just simple things like meeting your friends, a praise from a teacher, then write them down.
  • Share a smile (yep , this is my favorite) : Happiness reflects right back at us. The smile might come from a moment of humor or just from your quick instincts. Researchers (including myself) have found that our expressions cause us to feel the way we look - so smiling increases our happiness and sharing our smiles just makes it grow bigger.
Well thats a starter for becoming one of the most happiest person in the world, and it's not even that hard. Good Luck.

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