Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Turning Point

When We Are Forced to Take the Change......

I remembered it as if it was yesterday.
I was brought to a place in the middle of no where (or that was how I presume), to be trained, to be thought on the meaning of life. What I thought was just to have some fun and fill in the space between now and SPM was actually some kind of life changing experience that would mean a lot to someone in my situation.

The program was called "Madrasatul Hayyah Islah".

And Insyaallah I will recall this experience in detailed so we all could get this experience and together bring back our purpose as a khalifatullah and more importantly as a servant to Allah (Abdullah).

I wished to meet back my family back in MH-i. The happiness, the sorrows, the cooking. We slept together, where I could recall that one of us were sleep talking. Then there was the moment where we were playing Futsal, and incredibly I played even when I had asthma. It was a moment which could not be forgotten.

I remembered the times where Sarjan would shout "Take Cover" and we would all sprawl down on to the ground as if some bomb was going to be detonated.

I Remembered how each and every slot was a building block to our upbringing for the upcoming journey in university. How we were thought the basic principles of Islam and how to contribute to it as a whole.

There were slots, sorrows and surprises in MH-i but what really touched me was the spirit of ukhwah we shared together. There were times in MH-i some bad, some boring, but there were also some moments of excitement and happiness and togetherness. For somebody like myself whom constantly needed help, this was what I was looking for.

I was the second youngest after Muhsin, and so that was how I wanted to be treated: as the youngest. Asthma, low metabolic rate, and some mental problem that was what befell me, but Alhamdullillah, those whom I never knew before this were like brothers and sisters towards me. They would teach me what I wanted to know telling me how to live and survive (there was the case of going to the wet market where I didn't knew some vegetables), then there was the strength from them when hardship hit me, when my dad was brought to ICU and there was some family problem concerning my siblings. But Alhamdullillah I went through it all, with the pain, experience and memories that those were the people who will stand by my side when needed.

If I was given a super power, then I wished I could turn back time so we could go back to our younger days and cherish these short but memorable moments. Surely these six weeks with Abg Khairul, Abg Iqbal, Izal, Abid, Akram, Thalhah, Yasser, Hamzah, Atif, Luqman, Afif, Muadz, Muhsin, Aiman, Awi, Arif, Hadi and everyone else in MH-i was a blessing for me.

Surely after this we shall not be the same like we used to, because this was our turning point
Towards our goal and our destiny, Our purpose.

Towards a better world, a world of conscious, of peace and happiness and prosperity, a world without wars. That is our end, our goal, our destiny............

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