Thursday, August 12, 2010

One Person, One value, One Solah

"Fakhry, could you help do Saddiq's solah?" Brother Kamal asked.

"If I could I would"

"But that isn't possible. Just like a vote, it's only worth for one person"

One Person, one Value, One Prayer
Solah is only worth something to yourself, not for your friends nor families, not to anyone.

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:

If all of humanity united and strive to go away from God,

Then God doesn't loose One Atoms worth of his Kingdom

And if humanity united and strive to submit towards God,

Then God doesn't gain One Atoms worth of His Kingdom.
What does this philosophy tells us?

It tells us that God is not in need of your prayers and worship (like in movies "clash of the titans"), God isn't divine because of your prayers, God does need you.

YOU are the one who needs God, YOU are the one who are in need of these prayers and worship acts.

May you one understand the significance of submitting yourself to the divine.

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