Sunday, August 1, 2010

Reasons VS Religion

Ask yourselves: what is the real reason we do anything?

Do we do something just because or God or our Prophet orders us to?

Do we do something just because it is a sunnah? some kind of good deed? or does it just makes everyone feel good?

Science without Religion is Lame
And Religion without Science is Blind
-Albert Einstein-
If I do not seek to understand what's happening here then I got peanuts in my HEAD!
When will I WAKE UP!?!

-Sheikh Imran Hossein-

Being Blind in Faith, is NOT True Faith.

When Somebody Really Believes in Something like Faith, then he/she would also be driven to understand religion, rationalize in religion, reasons why religion.

Ibrahim Alaihi Salam said
Oh God, thy show me something that proves thy existence!

Do you not believe me?

Nay, only for reasoning myself

And thus Allah subhanahu wata'ala ordered Ibrahim to collect and slay 4 different birds: an eagle, a roaster, a swallow and a Parrot and place them in the 4 corners of the world (North, South, East, West)

Be and it shall be!

Allah resurrects the 4 birds in front of Ibrahim

Have You Ever Wondered?
-the Holy Qur'an-

Why are we in (and still) in Islam? What does it mean to be a Muslim?

This is a question, that only YOU yourself will have to answer, not answers from some Ustaz or Mufti, but YOU, what do YOU think? because it clearly shows what do you believe in and what you do about your belief.

Reasons Of Rukun Islam
Although there is a bigger and more spiritual reason why you are ORDERED what to do, yet I want to go through a basic reason:
  1. Syahadatain - Submitting to the Divine or Recognition of The Divine (Refer to Reasons Of Faith), The Syahadatain isn't "just" a simple two line phrase. It summarizes clearly what Islam Propagates i.e Submitting to the Divine by the Following the Prophet
  2. Prayers - The action of submitting to the Divine, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritual as well. Disciplining Muslims in front of God and bringing it into your daily life. The 5 times of prayers are our timetable, thus disciplining our life in the eye of God.
  3. Fasting and Zakah - Hinder one from worldly temptations. Your God is NOT food, sex or material wealth nor money, fasting and zakah trains you to NOT be dependent on to the world, thus showing that you are only dependent to Allah and NOT to the world. Zakah also propagates that in this world, YOU are not the only being, you live in an inter-social world. Selfishness is futile
  4. Hajj - "The Gift from God" - you come to the holy lands as a guest of Allah. For every pilgrimage action you do, the closer you get to God and His embraces. there's a reason why you can only go hajj "only" if you have enough money. It's like a ceremony to announce YOUR coming.
"And We sent down the book (the Qur'an) Ohh Muhammad that it may explain all things,
And those who has the good sense and the wisdom, who make the effort, to go into the book and search that which explains and that which guides, and then they accept, they embrace and then they apply it in there lives.

Good news and glad tidings are for them"
-the Holy Qur'an-
May Allah give you the guidance to better understand your faith

PS: I want to thank brother Irzal for giving me this idea of reasons, it made me better understand what my purpose of being is. Jazakullahu Khairan Akhi Irzal

this was the first time I saw Irzal debated, so ool! one day, I want to be like that in order to propagate Islam

As Usual: Reminding me first, before others

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