Friday, October 22, 2010

Generation XYZ: An introduction

I remembered the first day I wanted to stay in hostel, it was one of those days where your tummy was growling like crazy, as if it would also know that by tomorrow no more of your favorite mushroom soup or "ayam masak arab" would be served during breakfast and dinner, I even though: would I even have breakfast or dinner while in hostel? I'll be skinny like a stick, or worst, just bones and blackness, like a fleshed skeleton (Amnah might like that).

Yep, for anyone going into hostel that would be the scenario. there was even a scene I heard a form 4 going into hostel her first time, crying (I'm not saying any names)

The truth is for me, when I entered hostel in Maahad Hamidiah Kajang, it was all about being somekind of "dare-devil" in the family. Someone in the family had to start the tradition of staying in the hostel, and that person was me. It made me "smiled" knowing these were one of those "things" you could always be proud against your sister and someday say to her

"Hey sis, I stayed in the hostel for 4 years while in school"

ok, maybe that might be a little too much, but any thing I'm better at than the rest of my siblings, then I'm proud of it and appreciate it the most.

Now that same feeling in your tummy is coming back, but this time, your just older.

As we get older, these "feelings" when you were a kid shouldn't be here. But it IS.

I remember my mum saying to me once, the reason why young kids should always get what they want was because they didn't "understand".

Understand what?

Life, Grown ups, news, politics, or any "boring" stuff a kid would think

guess she never touch that part, but maybe between you and I, we could put a blind eye to it, and I think we both understand what she's talking about (unless your a kid).

The older we grow up the more we should be able to "understand" things and become more wise when it comes to choice making, being more matured (as in controlling emotions and lust) and making sure the "greater good" is always put first.

Recently, my mum told me about how different our generations are apart. she (as a professional child psychologist) would classify the generations in today's world into generations X, Y and Z.

these generations are divided base on the progress of technology.

Generation X: these people are kinda old in this 21st century, but they are powerful people, and are the ones controlling the world, they know what's going on and how the world works that feel responsible to there upcoming generations and try to help them out like creating newer technology for everyday use like cars, washing machine, home telephone, t.v and even the computer or modifying government policies. Although there intentions are pure, their creations sometimes gives little help to the Y generation, diverting them from their objectives, and ruining the Z generation, who are too into entertainment.

This generation are those from the time the first computer was made and when the Tv was black and white, they had to struggle through life, maybe sometimes working during their youthful days.

People who are X generations that I know: My mum and Dad, My teachers in Maahad (not all, but the majority) and anyone who was born before 1980.

Generation Y: they form the core of the 21st century, the majority of the world are populated by Y generations, called "belia" in Malay, while generation X leads, they follow, forming the backbone of the world, whatever happens, it's because their presence or absence in the situation.

They "develop" the technology generation X has created, but with a bit of fun in it. facebook, friendster, sports cars, Youtube, Ipods, Mp4's, anything that generation Z likes, it's because generation Y developed.

Again their intentions were pure, but it got off hand, with the pampering from generation X and the begging from generation Z, they went out of control, causing the world to spin in entertainment and lust. But, the power to bring peace back also are in them. Although less aware of whats happening, they would charge head on into anything that challenges the ideas of the people from generation X they idolized. from Jihadism to Zionism, they walk half blind, half mature and half wise from their predecessors, generation X.

Part of there lives before the 21st century, they were like generation X, going through a life of hardship and struggle, making them wise, but by the time the step into the 21st century, a majority of them forgotten the struggles and hardship, and thus were consumed by lust and hedonism, even hastening it for generation Z. The Fate of the world depends on them and their choices.

People I know who are Generation Y: Myself, Brother Khairul, Fattah, Nafeesa, Nuaim, my Usrah buddies, my classmates, my debate mates, Saddiq, Amnah, Daeng, Kamal and Zubair. Anyone born between 1980's to the year 2000.

Generation Z: begging for happiness and peace from both generation X and Y, they are the ones who least understand that the world has been going all wrong. being pampered from the start of the 21st century, they craze for lust and good entertainment. No struggle here, everything is served by technology. there story has much to be written, and that story lies in the hands of generation X. they are just users of technology, neither developing nor devolving it. but seeing the 21st century and how it's spinning out of control, you could say they will feel the full impact.

There story to be continued........................

People I know who are Generation X: Udden, Nadia, Fauzul and all the cute kindergartens I could see. Anyone being born during the 21st century. You have Ipods, Andoroids and God-knows-what technology your mum gave you.May Allah bless you all.

this is a wroth description on the generations and how they affect each other.

The gap between us is so real, I just need to look at my family.
Between me and my mum, I double the usage of handphones and internet when I was her age, she hardly uses it, even now.
Between me(generation Y) and my little brother, Uddeen (generation Z), he used handphones and a computer double me, if I was his age.

So you could see how by time, we make ourselves "slaves" to technology, and only a handful acknowledge this.

To be continues................................

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