Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chapter 2 - Aziem's "River"

Fauzul Aziem was jumping up and down in his "makeshift" swimming pool. he never had so much fun since ummi "went to work". It seems an awfully lot of work, every time he sleeps and wakes up ummi wasn't there beside him, but no matter, baba was always their, and now abang si (Fakhry) is here too. Abang si just came back from work, he supposed.

Ever since Abang si sat and baba's place in the car, he never felt any better in the car than before, rasa macam nak muntah, Abang Si masak pun keluarkan semula dekat luar, tak boleh bagitau Abang Si, or else he'll smile very widely, entah kenapa waktu dia senyum lebar2 nanti dia tumbuk dinding or gelikan Ziem. Freaky Abang.

But now, since Abang Si has been back, he bought with him some box. It was like magic. Abang Si open the box and some "oversize bathtub" came out. He used some weird equipment, one of those things you put at the bicycle and tiba2 bicycle tu boleh jalan, like magic. Abang Si said that every morning kalau nak boleh mandi in this "kolam" he called. macam Abang Si pulled the river and brought it to the back of our house, one day I really need to learn all this, macam "cool" je.

I tgk kat atas, ohhh, the big-bad-bright-hot-round-thingy is shining so much, kena bawa my river to a shadier place.

"Abang Si, Abang Si!....... Abang Si!"

"Yes Aziem???", Abang Si's head poked out from the wall, Masyaallah! terkejut Ziem tgk. It seems he's at the "touching TV", getting out long sparky things that looks like spaghetti and rewinding them. Is he doing dinner? Yuck, tak nak makan tu.

"Niiiiii, Hot, Aziem Hot", pointing my finger at the big-bad-round-thingy.

Abang Si quickly understood and went out to the backyard where my "round river" is and started............... pulling it??? bringing it under the cool shades of the roof. I giggled with a smile of thanks.

"Say Thank you", Abang Si said to me.

"Teee ku", whatever that means, but it must mean a good thing since, after i say it Abang Si looks nice and happy.

So now, back into the river! yeah! all the water with all the toys, and better still here come Ya and Udden.

"Ya, Ya, in Aziem" I said.

"Hah ye, nanto nadia masuk, kena tukar baju" she said.

"Ju?? Ju?, I pointed at her clothing, why can't she just go naked like me, much more easier. Girls makes things complicated.

"Ye, Nadia kena tukar dulu"

A few thick tocks, and finally Ya and Udden came in their "river clothes". Ya touched the edge, dipping her fingers in the water, testing how good it feels before getting into the river, while Udden just came in with a splash.

Yeay! now all the gang is here, just Abang Si, whom is busy with his "touching tv", what's so great about it? I tried touching it and all it did was some strange sounds, guess the more you get older, the border you get. Being a baby is always fun. Ya, Udden and me played in the river so much, there was a ball Abang Si took from "the other people's house" and he let us play with it.

Hmmmph, it's much more fun playing ball with Abang Si, because Abang Si is so strong when he hits the ball, no one could catch it, he even throws it so high.

"Abang Si, Si"

"Yes Aziem", again his head popped out from the "magical-wall-like-mirror", looking around, Abang Si nodded in satisfaction that Udden and Ya was there with me.

"In Ball, In Bal"

"Abang can't play ball lah Aziem, I wanna fix this computer", pointing to the touching tv, the what-ter? they call it.

"Abang............... in Bal, in bal", I started rattling, holding the ball in my hands, showing to him to play with us. it seemed like it didn't work, because after that he just ignored us.

So i stepped out of my river and went into the shady-place-with-spinning-thing-on-top-and -lots-of-bright-things, and I did the unthinkable. I threw the ball at him.

Rule number #1, don't make grown ups unhappy, and that was the rule I just broke. Abang Si's touching tv was hit by the ball and it all got wet.

"Aziem..............", Abang Si sounded grumpy, but why is he still smiling, Uh-oh, I know what's gonna happen after this. I ran back to my river as soon as possible. Of course I knew that my small body was no match to the huge structure that shadowed me, Abang Si. He quickly picked me up and together, jumped into the river with me, and he's still in his clothes! wet of course.

I saw his sinister smile, he held on to me and he started dancing and tossing me up and down, bringing me into the waters while teaching me how to swim. It was all fun, the spinning the dancing, the swimming, and finally Abang Si, sat down into the water, soaked in his clothes.

He looked like he needed nap times, I could have sworn I could hear his chest with those funny cat voices, it's like there's something inside of him, like in Naruto where there's a creature called Kyubi, yeah, and in the story it's a bad idea to let this "kyubi" get out.

So I went to his chest and tapped it a little, hopefully the kyubi will stay in there, that's how naruto does it.

"Ni kit?" I was pointing at his chest.

"ye Aziem, Sakit, your Abang Si ni has asthma, you know"

I knew it, there was something in his body, and it's name was................ Asthma.
Whatever happens, I can't allow it to get out.

Abang Si, was resting at the edge of the river, he looks exhausted, but happy. It's great that Abang Si comes out and plays with us, its always boring when he stays with his touching tv, fun, fun, fun. Life is soooo much fun.

Why in the world do grown ups do all these boring stuff? I don't know, but I'm glad Abang Si played with us today, I hope it was like this all the time.

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