Friday, March 18, 2011

Remembering mom

As old as we will be, we'll always be the young children of our mother. All smiles and laughter while gobbling up the cakes of happiness, it will definitely paint our faces that the frown and sadness that we have gone through will go away, because mum was there to show the way.

We would immense ourselves into avalanches of fun, at the same time learning what mom would teach us about the world, because mom told us, that fun and knowledge are both friends.

One day we would be able to read and write, create masterpieces of art, alchemist and technology. our knowledge from mother was so much, we didn't know where it would end nor when will it stop, all we know........ that as long mum is the one guiding us then it will be both fun and thoughtful.

The other day, we would be going on leave, staying away from mum. Mum will be reminding us, "don't leave your toothbrush", "don't forget to go to bed early","don't do things your not suppose to". now mum watches us as we embark living by ourselves. although home is a few minutes drive, mum is always worried about our well being.

The following day, some of us had to fly to other countries. mum send us to airports where they are holding "flying creatures" with ears so big you can't hear them! some of us will be heading to desserts and ruins, others will go to concrete jungles filled with poisonous gases and fumes with snow coming from the sky! mum couldn't follow us there, but she'll be with us in our hearts.

All seven of us knew it, that after all this fun and excitement of traveling around the world and discovering new things we will eventually come home, and we all know mum will be waiting us right at here garden, planting roses and maple trees, readying our return from our long perilous journey............. because we all know, a child that succeeds conquering continents, ruling oceans and taming the mountains....... will always remember mum.

PS: Happy day Ummu Aziem =)

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