Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why Muslims makes your life much more better

Finally, after going through so many blogs, with so many genres and writings I finally came to the conclusion that writing solely about my LIFE isn't going to spread the message any more. I've always believed  that life stories are life-changing when other people read it, but in the internet that might not be the case. Almost everyone has there own blog talking about there life, and besides................ I don't like telling people about my life, it creates gossips, judgement and some other bad things that would ruin my preaching career.

So I choose something else, some kind of writing that is different than others but hopefully has the same impact of making sure people are reading it, because you really need readers if you want people to read your blog (DUH!!!!)

Now I've literally changed the course of this blog, from my life stories to some gibberish story that would hopefully wake you up of the issues a Muslim should know.

I'll post in this blog how Kafir's have been taking control of your life without you realizing it, how Muslims could make white people even more whiter than before, and how becoming a "practicing" Muslim in your every day life means having more fun than every body else.

I thank Allah for this wonderful idea He gave me, although I got while going to the bathroom, but still as I always say "kena redha". Happy reading

As laughable this blog might be in the next articles I'm going to write, I say let them laugh now, but make sure you heed my reminding, because that might be the only thing stopping you from going to hell.


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