Monday, April 11, 2011

Is it time yet?

Walking on the pavement of my campus, I saw the starry sky and the smiling moon upon me, it was a scene anyone would cherish. Who wouldn't agree that the creation of the sky and the stars was something beautiful and magnificent, even to the eyes of us humans.

But watching the starry sky wasn't my intention. The beauty of walking outside under something my sister would call "aswadsky " is just among many of the gifts Allah bestowed upon me. Now it's time to see whether one of those gifts have reached it's expiry date.

One of my inquisitive yet disturbing hobby is my habit of walking around during the night, let it be jogging or just plain walking. Some people might see me as a freak doing this, others are just confused.

You'll appreciate the time spent alone in your own head, away from all of the nonsense in this world.

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