Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why I hate Malaysian Exams

When you're too into exams your mind just goes all jumble
Today (or maybe more specific, 16/4/2011), Students in Malaysia have gone through the Malaysian University English Test or MUET for short. Just like any other exams you'll be sure to notice the faces of students and teachers alike, they just hate it. Not just because it's exams, but because it is in English.

MUET compromise of for papers. Speaking, Writing, Reading and finally Listening test.

The test by themselves are not hard, it seem to me like your average english exam. No, what's bugging me most is the fact that it's too objective orientated.

Objective Orientated

So what is Objective Orientated? well to put it simple, questions when asked only has one, and I only mean one answer right.

It seems kind of weird to have things like that in exams, especially when penetrating the global arena. The government is literally trying to control how we make our opinions or how we understand things. like for example this question, I got this question from my paper:

What do you think is the tone of the author in writing this article?
a) Condescending
b) Calm
c) Cabal

I certainly know that the majority of you don't know what A or C means. GOTCHA!!!

but here's the catch, there's only one correct answer...... but that's impossible!!!

why do I say so? because this is something subjective, how people perceive stuff is something subjective!!

other examples I could give is like the listening question, they asked what you listened, and ordered you to fill in some slots of answers, and if you understood wrong you wouldn't be able to answer it. Listening is something subjective too!!! don't they teach that in school?

Same people might listen to the same thing but perceive it differently. what comes into your mind when I say red light?

you see what I mean?

So what the examination system is doing is that it's turning us into some robots, it wants us to follow some weird system that neither you or me know why. It's like wanting us to answer a question from what it has given only, nothing else.

This is where the problem arise when you have things like sensitive issues and all of this sensitive discussions, it's because people are not able to open up, to tell out what is in there heads, there sooo closed up with the system they aren't able to respect or understand the views of others. That is Malaysia.

So next time you get exams, make sure that even though there's only one answer on the paper, there is still a lot more in your head.


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