Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1 Walkers

Any Zombie killer must know how to swim
When Azeim grows up, he shall be a zombie killer!(1) Like no other, he shall behead thou ugly creatures(2) and aid thou that are victims against them(3) for he was destined for it(4)

Back home, Aziem holds up his zombie warfare guide and zombie handbook(5) two books that will be needed for the decapitating of zombies(6) Do you know how to kill a zombie?(7) there is only one sure way to do it(8) that is by shooting at the head or chopping the head off(8) this is the only sure way to kill(9) We've told you, for surely you are one that will die at the wrath of zombies if ye did not but knew(10)

When big brother is back from his long journeys(11) He will teach Aziem the ways of surviving zombies(12) he will bring back new arsenal for countering zombies(13) He will bring equipment for creating anti - zombies(14) and he will have brought new guides for surviving zombies(15) but most of all(16) he will bring back his black box(17) For in this black box will reveal all the secrets of zombie killing(18)
Aziem's big brother teaching how to fight zombies

And this Aziem wants(19) Aziem will want big brother to activate the black box(20) and finally kill all zombies(21) Aziem Must, he Must see big brother show the killing of zombies through the black box(22) For that is the only way Aziem will be contempt when it comes to killing zombies(23)

Did ye know that there are many types of zombies?(24)Big, Fat, green and red(25) they come in many different styles(26) they will try to take you down(27) separate you from your allies (28) some will spit acid and bring out the horde (29) they will attack from all directions (30) make sure that ye bring along a pipe bomb(31) for in this situation ye will really need it(32)

After this event surely it will be hard for ye to sleep(33) how in the world one is suppose to sleep?(34) knowing that that is what it takes to become a zombie killer(35)

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