Thursday, March 15, 2012

1 Feasta

*Waiting for food*

All praise due to the Lord, who gave us food and who bestowed us the ability to indulge in it (1:1) Hath ye just knew, that the best of places to indulge in this blessing is with your fellow companions (1:2) It is a place where the one that is wise have put up there luxury and build their share of treasures (1:3) To call upon people like ye and aye, so that we may come and taste the specialties they have prepared for us (1:4) Ye might come here as any normal man, but not aye, we shall come finding happiness and fun (1:5) For playing inside is better than staying out in the sun (1:6)

One more glass for me father!

Why you not let me win????
Lo! like that actually!
They shall ask you of what food ye shall like (1:7) If so, then ask them of what ye is able to give back (1:8) However, one may only get what one can give back in return in fortune and gold!(1:9) Lo! Unless Ye have a father like mine! Mine pays for all!(1:10) Sweets, treats, all are meant to be feasts (1:11) For no amount of problems will stop me from indulging in these delicacies (1:12) Thus spoke me Fauzul Aziem, boss of all ye (1:13) 

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