Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I found it!

After searching and browsing through some photos people been posting on FB (I strongly discourage though), Twitter and some from God-knows-where website. I found some pictures of Team SRI Ayesha Debating!!!

I would like to thank the comitee members of the Dato CQ Teo Debate for posting these, it makes me proud to see them reaching quarters even with little or sometimes no experience leading a team.

I remember it'll always be me, Fattah or some other unknown guy that has to do the thinking, but now there's proof these little caliph of ours can do things if they put there head in it, enjoy the day and always make sure our nawaitu(intentions) is always because of Allah.

"Now Ye shall be known as QuarterZ"

and this isn't your normal average tournament, the Dato CQ Teo Debate gives points for WSDC, so with a little more polish insyaallah I'm pretty sure Islam will be having some strong voices in the future.

You'll think she knows what she's talking about =>

But I'm pretty sure in there, there's still some blurriness =)

I don't know when this was. Adj Feedback or Coin Toss?

And you wouldn't believe me if I said that they had little experience in debate

There are only 3 things in life that when you do because of Allah you can be sure to be proud of it and say it in front of Him,
"When you waqaf (give something to society) and people benefit from it,
When you teach and your students learn from it,
When you raise children to be good and they pray for you,"

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