Monday, March 29, 2010


Guess what???

I got an offer to DQ... Darul Qur'an!!!!!

I felt relieved at least one of my applications got accepted.

I tried to apply for JPA and TNB Scholarships, but they weren't that successful.

In an instant my application for TNB got swipe, and my JPA scholarship application wasn't as great as my other friends.

Looking it at first yes, you might say that I lost it.......... But you've forgotten I still have DQ, I still have hope.

It's not like I have much of a choice...... better enjoy what we are given as if we really wanted that badly.

Other people would just say I just had the worst of luck. I'm unhealthy during the exams and didn't score, and at the same time didn't got any new scholarships.

But I believe there's a meaning to everything we got, easy or hard, it's not our choice to choose. It's our choice whether we wanna take it or not.

If my twin was here she would have said that one day I might just end up as a "Hufaz" like her and get a chance to go to Mecca. It's a really great place she said.

So the plan now, if i continue with DQ is that, 3 years DQ, 1 year at IIU, then the rest at KAUST, Saudi Arabia. (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)
Let it be a small smile or a laughter, i'll take it, because I know that eventually we'll get what's the best Allah gives us.

I'm not trying to be a fool or a schematic, just trying to look at the bright side of life.

Yep, if you see at one part of my life, it's like half destroyed, I have a slim chance I might be Ok, considering I'm always sick with bronchitis asthma, I've lost 2 of my best chances of scholarships for going to US, and my family is like halfway disrupted by all the chaos that's happening.

But at least I try..... and that's the whole point I told myself.

Life isn't great, from my experience it totally sucks,
quite from that, is that how we're suppose to react to it?
By making our world more miserable and thinking as if it's miserable, yeh duh......
that's a great solution.... NOT

people like my twin and my sister have all the luck, you name it, they have it.

But the real thing to see is to see what we have, and be grateful with it, be grateful that your dad at least bought a second hand handy cam, be grateful that when you go to debate training there are still some people (one or two) willing to learn, be grateful for everything you have. (even the pain in your chest that interrupts your sleep at night. LOL)

So right now the words I'm gonna say for now............. DQ here I come!!!!

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