Friday, June 18, 2010

Alternative Facebook

The recent harms done by facebook (FB) has caused a major disturbance among the muslim community especiall those whom have a FB account.

FYI FB has been an Israeli product

and now recently they have gone a step forward with posting cartoons of the prophet, don't know whether they have deleted it or not.

So what I have been trying is to find an alternative to FB.

For starters you could reactivate your friendster or myspace account but, it seems dull and ancient if you do that.

Other things is just you stick to Blogger, however blogger is more of a web log than a social network.

So I came upon 2 new websites after the recent accession.
  1. Millat facebook. Don't know wheter you have heard of it, it's a counter towards FB and it's growing fast. in just a week 330000 members have registered compared to a week of facebook. it's in way after there was a post at FB of the prophet.
  2. Ummah book, those whom are more to writing and socializing at the same time, then this is your alternative. it's islamic, you could make a blog in there and it's a social network. Myspace, Facebook and blogger all combined. how cool is that. And you could also upload photos and videos like photobucket. now thats a starter.
These type of alternatives are really cool when compared to FB, however the only problem is lack of members and activities, because you see, there aren't many members so it's our job to fill them in. as my Ustaz said
If there is an empty space, then plenty it
I feel there is a need to make these types of Islamic social networks more enhance and used by the islamic community. What better way is unifying the ummah than if all of us use the same social network.

so deactivate your FB account and come to Ummah book. LOL


PS: if you wanna find me in Ummahbook, which I've already became a member like a month ago but wasn't that active (no friends), then search for Khaleed Fakhry. Hope to be friends

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