Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mingling Part

It feels weird to be mingling with people whom are another world than yours. Not that I'm saying they are from another world, it's just the way they think that is different.

Ok maybe saying some not so good words are a little uncomfortable when they say it in front of me. Or the fact that their knowledge of religion is way down than any Muslim I ever meet (Saddeq doesn't even understand the concept of “you can't get close to adultery”).

Maybe it was my fault for not teaching them or at least guiding them. Consider the fact that Saddeq (RMC), Harris (SDAR), Aidil (SAS) and Kamal (SASER) are all from conventional schools and lacks basic religious teachings.

Getting along with them isn't that tough. The fact that my religious knowledge is way higher than all of there's combined, they respect my views and my opinions, like why I don't eat McD, or why don't have a facebook account, or even why sometimes during their normal conversations I don't talk a lot (I like listening, letting them do all the talking).

By the end of the day, they are just a bunch of people whom are left unchecked and untold about the truth that there IS an Al-Mighty God and that there IS a Hell and Heaven.

It's a challenge for me to actually be able to bring them back to the right path (especially Saddeq) not because it's what Allah or the prophet's orders but because deep inside we all know we have a responsibility to our friends and family members.

It doesn't matter whether we are Alim or we are somebody whom is from a religious school, guess what the prophet is NOT from a religious school nor was Abu Bakr, he just thought people what he knew, and I guess that's what makes us one big family correlated with each other, not by blood but by bonding of minds and ideas.

I remembered what my debate trainer said, brother Irzal when he wanted people to understand that debate IS an important thing when it comes to religion:

“ We want to create the Intellectual Muslim, the Creative Muslim, the Great Muslim”

Guess we were never born great nor we were given great abilities, it's just that by the end of the day we need to do great things, and things like telling your friend whom has no idea what is the phylosophy of Islam is something GREAT.

May Allah bless you with Hidayah and Taufiq: Saddeq, Harris, Kamal and Aidil, my debating friends in CFS IIUM.

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  1. u rock bro!
    glad u noticed. insyaAllah,we'll pray they'll improve in their Iman.