Friday, June 18, 2010

Worth a mosque

One of my favorite subjects is Arabic.

Not "mainly" because of the Subject itself but because of the lecturer teaching it. His name is Ustaz Wan Shohor bin Leman.

Very friendly, always singing and being humorous in class, studying arabic with him was the best thing. half of the time you don't even study arabic at all, he'll keep on talking about his life, his wife whom is from Bosnia, how to raise a family and such. Also having the "terrorist" attitude.

Here I want to thank him for teaching me Arabic by posting a special fund raising post.

You see, Ustaz Wan Shohor is building a mosque and an Islamic Centre in Bosnia, Insyaallah if he has the time and money (which he would ask us to pay of course) he will bring us there.

This mosque is used to help propagate the teachings of Islam and help elevate the people there.

If you want to help, even if it is only a dollar then please do not hesitate you could send your money to his account

MAYBANK 5140 6605 4194


He needs another RM50,000.00 to finish the mosque and get the human power needed to run it. I'm sure that if we all help, this mosque in Bosnia will be finished and Allah knows how many He will reward us in the hereafter.

In building the Ummah, you require not the biggest things to do, even helping donating a dollar will help a lot. As Sherlock Holmes once said:
It's in the smallest details that gives the biggest change

As long as we have the right Nawaitu, and the money in hand, then nothing is impossible.
Hope you make it Ustaz Wan Shuhor!!!

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