Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Book by it's cover

This is a cache phrase I saw one of my friends had on his t-shirt while going into class. It was totally cool (although i wasn't ab;e to get a picture of it).

I'm now having night class, starting with mathematics and after that Wallahu a'lam what kind of classes I'll be having. My schedule is as packed as any other student taking a 1 year course is.

Class from 8am to 6pm, non stop, breaks only during Zuhr. And I thought school was more horrifying than this. NOT

Back to the FIFA thing and the night class; well see this that there aren't any restrictions of dress code during night classes, so I choose to wear my favourite Blue-black jubah.

My lecturer didn't comment on anything when i went into class, just stared at my serban and my eyes which I wore celak. No problem with that.

I was amazed how simple rules and regulations, when not imposed could make people so.................. different.

I notice some girls wearing tight outfits with jeans and a plain tudung that is just not that opaque, you could see her hair inside, or boys wearing simple plain t-shirts with a three quarter trouser, like puh-lease, don't they know how cold it is in the lecture room.

Some people even came and asked why in the world am I not wearing something casual or "normal".

LOL, isn't this normal enough. and I thought only during the prehistoric ages were we only wore a plain cloth would think like that. Guess not.

So that's were I would start my 5 minutes lecture on "reasons why I wore a Jubah".
  1. It's awesomely comfortable:if you wore it, your feet won't be that cold or that hot because there is good air circulation rather than wearing jeans. during class, I notice how shaking some of the boys whom wore the three quarters pants, and to say my body mass is low that I would shiver; ridiculous.
  2. well it's the best attire to wear, especially when there are no laws enforcing you to wear a plain shirt, like it's the Sunnah, and this IS after prayers
  3. well, one good thing when you were something that makes you look alim, you have this burden of pertaining that look, so if people notice like your doing something bad you wouldn't do do, because you have a reputation in stake, it's like a deterrence (this is for me personally).
So maybe the term "don't judge a book by it's cover" doesn't applied in my situation here, it's too obvious. the important thing is to make sure you become a better person than before

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