Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ustaz Ibrahim: the teacher who wouldn't stop smiling

When I was in Maahad Hamidiah, a sudden news came into the classroom. Our headmaster, Ustaz Ibrahim has died.....

He's gone..........

I remembered talking to him like a week ago. I wanted to ask him whether Maahad would be able to go for the Musleh debate held in Titiwangsa. of course anyone would say no, and yet his response was a nice "he would see what he could do". That was the man that I knew during my form 5 years, somebody whom would NEVER make other people unhappy.

I remembered our first talk together. He first came when I was F5, so in a way, we seniors knew the school more than him. I wasn't a Head Prefect that time, more like a nobody, somebody smiling always
like there wasn't anything happening. And in a way, he noticed that and I noticed he smiled a lot too. To me it was no coincidence.

He ask me what was my name, some of my background, and that's where I think our relationship grew. The next thing I know, I was Head Prefect, and among all the other people whom were proud of me (other than my parents) was him. There was a time, when some of the teachers showed doubt as to the extent of my abilities of becoming a Head Prefect, they wanted people like Akmal Amri, or Idham to be Head Prefect. However Ustaz Ibrahim disagreed and in a way help clarify things. We usually had our normal chit chat in his office (at that time it was the old one), he said to me that "becoming a leader wasn't to make sure everyone would follow you, t was making sure everyone was fared equally", justice as he would put it.

I remember how in such times when I was stress times, I went and seek his advice (more the
other way around). He would firstly ask "have I prayed yet" then went on about how I would feel and my studies.

I remembered him as one of the most cheerful people that I have ever seen (except for me), and I wonder: was he smiling so much because he was like me, so stressed out with his work that by the end of the day you could g
ive a smile and say to yourself "it's ok", or was he really all-timer happy-go-lucky. It was that thing that made as the same: that ignorant friendly cheerful smile.

Now after his death, I understand that we always have a choice in happiness, and alhamdullillah ustaz Ibrahim made the choice that it was better being happy with what you have than being miserable with what you don't. Happiness was a choice, one of the best choices you would make in life.

I now know that whatever happens, you have Allah by your side, so there's NOTHING to worry

I'm now laughing at myself (or maybe Ustaz Ibrahim is laughing at me), how in the world haven't we realize that happiness is not something you GET, it' s something you CHOOSE. I tell my students and my juniors (especially my twin and siblings) that whatever happens, remember that the biggest gift Allah has given us is that choice, the choice to be happy and grateful, not to worry s
o much yet cherish life.

Whenever you get into a bad situation, you get stress out by all this worldly things and you are impatient and think that the world is all so cruel: Remember Him, Remember Allah, remember Ustaz Ibrahim bin Yunus, remember that smile, remember that it was always your choice to be happy in this world and the hereafter.

Let us all give our prayers and Al- Fathihah to Ustaz Ibrahim: the teacher who wouldn't stop smiling

Al- Fathihah, May Allah bless you my great teacher.

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