Saturday, May 29, 2010

Are you Alim?

Even if I'm 17 that doesn't mean I'm young

Alhamdullillah, I'm learning in IIU Petaling Jaya Campus, taking Engineering.
Going into university, as I saw it, wasn't that much shocking than what I've heard of.
(Well, it was just.... the ta'aruf week)

And Insyaallah after a few years in IIU, I'll be flying to Saudi Arabia to continue my studying in Noetics and Nanotechnology (look up in a dictionary)

Life in university, does have it's ups and downs. There were pressures, even during the first days at IIU, some split decision moments, some bad days and sometimes great ones.

What I was most intrigued most in IIU wasn't the name of the university or it's system of conduct, it is it's society and environment.

Ok, you could say thath there is a mosque and mussolla very close by, everything is in walking distance. everyone smiles to each other and there is a huge line between the relationships of boys and girls. No comments there.

And yet, looking back, this time behind the scenes, we see that such things are actually a veil, or a hiding place for occult things.

I'm not trying to give a bad image to IIU, I live there right now, but I feel the need to watch over things so that they wouldn't go astray, especially when it's my home.

Back in Maahad Hamidiah, we had this idea, that everyone is a hypocrite one way or the other, no matter how good that person is or how bad, there is always something we would over saw. that means, we don't trust looks. That's why one of BADAR's main job is to make sure that everyone has a good being in them.

I've seen people following Usrah and Muzzakarah Iman yet go out for smoking, and people whom are wise and intelligent yet not so active in such things. It's a dual world in Maahad.

So my adventure in IIU started when as usual, going to the mosque wearing a jubah and a serban as i did in Maahad. It was a habit of mine to do such things.

However, when I was in the mosque, there wasn't any other single being (except 2 others) whom was wearing an attire like mine. ok don't mind about that.

I did my prayers, then the surprising happened. Someone came to me and asked whether I was fro Darul Qur'an. Like Puh-lease

He said that I "looked" like someone "alim" wearing a serban and jubah. I replied to him that, no, I wasn't exactly from DQ, not a graduate there, once learned but didn't stayed. Only memorize quite a few verses of the Qur'an, and God knows how many I scored in my Arabics and Islamic Studies (not to mention I got a C+ in Shariah, and I was hoping to take a double degree in that). I'm not that "alim" compared to some of my friends, especially the KISASians in Islamic knowledge.

I explained to them that our outer looks doesn't signify anything to others. It is just a proclamation of what we believe in. like if somebody really loves the prophet then he would wear a jubah and a serban, but not vice verse.

I've been telling people, don't judge a book by it's cover (although I could get a lot of things about people by there body language).

To come to someone and ask them "Are you somebody Alim?" I feel that isn't that much of a significance in these times. It's base on the heart of a person, then showing it through his-self and his surroundings.

What is Alim these days? somebody with a high knowledge in Islam, yet still doesn't practice it?
Somebody who looks nice but in his heart (which we wouldn't know) is filled with emptiness and ignorance in religion? or is it just somebody whom as all people would see it, once learned at a religious institute i.e. KISAS, Maahad Hamidiah or Darul Qur'an?

Last question to be thought of: Are you somebody who is Alim?


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