Thursday, May 20, 2010

E=mc2, Relativity theory

Now in my mind right many of you whom have seen this equation,


thought that it has something to do with emotional intelligence etc (gibberish things)

well to tell you the truth, it's actually has NOTHING to do with emotions (well not yet of course, until I talk about Meta-physics)

E=mc2 is actually THE equation about Einstein's theory of relativity, in which well "physics is logic" i.e. it means that physics law applies everywhere.

In your head I'm sure you'll start thinking BORING!!!!
Well this is where the meta-physics side comes in.

And well, bad news is that we've gotta learn more about it to understand what in the next few sentences I'm going to say.

represents Energy

m represents mass/ matter

c is the speed of light, which FYI is approximately 186,282 miles per second. that is very, very fast.

now if you learn physics, you would learn things like directly proportional or indirectly proportional. The speed of light is always the same, it never changes, unless in changes mediums.

So the Energy is directly proportional to the mass. (like What??!!)

What I mean here is that if you have more mass (you weight more or you're bigger) then you would have more energy.

This fits nicely with the concept that Allah s.w.t is Almighty (Akbar), Allah has an infinite size that we could not imagine. Thus this means that Allah s.w.t has an infinite amount of energy, more than anything we could imagine.
Ok. that's in Religion.

Now into Emotions.

Emotional Intelligence uses brainpower, thus is represented by E, Energy.

m is represented by the soul, or how much the soul weight. If you give the soul food (Dzikr, Solat, Reading the Qur'an, doing good deeds) then you increases it's weight.

c is the human instincts (fitrah manusia), what are our intuitions as a norm, which is constant.

So from my theory of relativity, it comes to this:
The more soul you have (filled with spiritual things), the more better are you in controlling your Emotions.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to control your emotions, and when you have done things like making yourself spiritually linked to the world and to the One true God, then you are able to control it better.

So for those of you whom usually have emotional problems (I'm focusing on to Fareeha here, LOL), try getting close to Allah for a while, i can confirm, it'll help a lot.


  1. Awesome! it really helps? hope so.
    i'll tell fareeha to read this, lol.

  2. Kinda, because Einstein's theory of Relativity is based on the principle that energy is proportional to mass, any mass

  3. A splendid explanation to tackle the minds of people who thinks only the body needs the right food.