Sunday, May 9, 2010

Meeting Back the past

Those who forgotten history, are doomed to repeat it

- Only Allah knows who said it-

So let's recap what we've been doing during these weekends.

I've gone to Fraser Hill for a little reunion with my Madrasatul Hayyah Islah pals, meeting one another, each one of us just got our University registration results.

Some of us are going to Egypt and Jordan under scholarships. Some went to Darul Qur'an. some...... Like myself are just waiting.

But that's ain't the post I want to talk about. What I really want to talk about is history.

What was a grand program during our Reunion was the ISK (Ini Sejarah KIta) or This is Our History.

I learned that, the world as we know it, is on a wheel. things that once happen, might happen again, just in a different method.

For example, once upon a time, nations were trying to conquer other nations, well if you see it or not, it's happening. But last time it was through military power, now in the 21st century we are on going a conquering of idea's and principles.

In islam it's called "Ghuzwatul Fikr" or Battle of Ideas. It's like the cold war, just this time people don't know it's that cold. People don't know that they are in a tense battle of ideas and principles.

Most of us, if not all Muslims looks like as if are on the losing side. which is a fact that can't be denied. Really, I've been to United States and I never heard a Mat rempit there yet, or if the people there are unethical in any way. yes you could see them wearing bras or doing free sex, but you don't see them throwing there child in a dust bin.

It's like the old saying
"More Westernizing than the Westerns"
So back to the History part, our history, Muslims to be precise is on a simple basis of exponential growth rate to really bad decrease since the last century.

We lost in the world war, our Khalifah is o where to be found and there are 57 Muslim countries instead of one United Islamic State.

I've heard of things like OIC (Ohh I see.......) that are desperately "trying" to regroup the Muslim countries, but how many of our Muslim leaders are really keen to the idea of uniting all of the nations: NONE.

You don't see OIC sending military support to Palestine, nor are they helping Iran build there Nuclear, or when some dude from the western countries critic Islam, you don't see them fighting back. It just seems to me that OIC is lost.

What I learned in history was that Muslims stood on the basis of knowledge and Islamic virtues, which held them as the leading power for 10 centuries, I heard that we didn't cared much what type of race we were or where did we come from as long as we bear witness that Allah is the Almighty God and Muhammad is his Messenger. That's what I remembered.

But heads on: It's just a memory.

This is were the circulation theory comes in. When something acts as a memory, it becomes an idea, from an Idea into a word, from a word into an action, and from an action to becoming a destiny.

Now the question write now is: who's gonna start thinking this forgotten memory?

You don't need to look left or right when you are answering this, you just need to see a mirror, and say to that reflection of your.

"Hey you, yes you the one I'm talking to, You need to do something about this falling world"

say that to yourself everyday, and Insyaallah, your body will do the rest. It's like training for public speaking or debate, just this time your debating and public speaking to yourself for change.

And so this just proves, that in life your not changing anyone, your trying to change YOU. Because when you change YOU, YOU change the world, because YOU are the WORLD.

PS: to all MHi'ans "miss u all" hope to see you seen, hopefully in heaven, ameen.

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