Saturday, May 29, 2010

Muslim = Following Muhammad

For the love of the prophet, how many of us are willing to sacrifice ourselves for the prophet and hos teachings?

I've watched this movie so often that every time I watch it new energy seeps into me. I've even uploaded it into my hand phone so I could watch it often.

This one minute show could give so much meaning.
And surprisingly, this advertisement was made by Hollywood.

Don't believe me? well that's up to you.

The story was like this if I'm not mistaken, the Saudi government wanted to propagate the love for the prophet, so they seek Hollywood to produce such an advertisement. (well you know how close Saudi is to the West, and please tell me if I was wrong)

* * *

There is a problem in our society right now, in which many Muslims aren't that much Muslims.
we proclaim that "Muhammad is the messenger of Allah" every day, yet how many of us actually do his teachings. Like wearing a jubah and kopiah when going to pray and regular attire, looking down and being modest when walking, wearing "celak" (the black powder we put on our eyes) or even smiling always.

Egoistically these humans, especially Muslims nowadays needed scientific proof that such Sunnah are good. Well personally, I think these people are hypocrites, needing to asking questions and proofs, when the real big proof: if you do the Sunnah then you'll go to heaven, they didn't look upon. That's the problem with Muslims nowadays, they are too "Earthly bound".

Those who perform my practices love me, and those who love me shall be with me in heaven

Well, by the law of Mathematical reasoning, then if A=B=C, then A=C

thus whoever does the Sunnah goes to heaven. it's as simple as that.

When we talk about the"Sunnah" it doesn't mean that when you do it you get good deeds, and if you don't it's ok.

The prophet's Sunnah is actually a line for Muslims to see whether they have succeed or failed doing something. If you do something following the prophet, you succeed, if you don't, you fail, it's that simple.

Note to everyone: Do you love the prophet? Prove it, I dare you.


  1. that video has a very deep meaning within.
    something to provoke our minds, the muslims' minds, for sure.

  2. well, it just shows a line on how much we love the prophet that's all