Sunday, May 16, 2010

Metaphysics: The world beyond

So sorry to my readers for the ever changing blog layout, but it was very tempting to do it. And so after some brief searches Alhamdullillah i was able to get back my former layout.

You might have notice some new things like the name of this blog, again has changed for the fifth consecutive time. Why you ask, it's a matter of identity, our blog represents ourselves. I feel that anything that we put sweat, mind, ideas or even time in it, it is a part of our life, our identity, it defines us.

Alhamdullilah, now I have found another cool ability of mine when going through the world of science and social: Metaphysics.

So what is metaphysics?

well looking from linguistic definition, we find the word Meta from the Greek word meaning "beyond", while Physics means "law's of the world" or physical.

when combined we get the simple definition of Metaphysics: The understanding of the principles that governs the world beyond. Literally, don't get me wrong, this is not about life after death or cosmos or anything about the tenth dimension. Well, actually it is, just in more wider terms and more acceptable. It actually tries to implies Scientific reasoning in the abstract world.

Don't get me?

It's like this: Newton's first Law of Motion: Inertia.
Now substitute this in the abstract world.

How do you define the abstract world?

If you are a historian or social science type of person, you could induce that as long as an event is happening, it will continue to happen as long there is no superior force acting opposing it


If you are a teenager, you could state that if you are a loser, then you will continue to be a loser until some superior force opposes your losing force, and eventually gives you a win.

The forces applied can be anything like determination, help, hope, etc.

Metaphysics has 8 central questions it is trying to answer:

  1. Cosmology and cosmogony

  2. Determinism and free will

  3. Identity and change

  4. Mind and matter

  5. Necessity and possibility

  6. Objects and their properties

  7. Religion and spirituality

  8. Space and time

These central questions has sparked my interest and Insyaallah I'm going to take as an additional subject in University, although I'm not putting to much thought in it (I know for sure my parents would deny the idea of me being a Philosopher, they want me to be an engineer), but still no one says that there is only one chapter in a book, look at Ibnu Sina, Alfarabi, they we're great Meta-physician, why Ibnu Sina was even a doctor. So seeing as I still will be learning physics anyway, let's take this idea in a make the most of it.

Central Question: What is in it for me, or my contribution to the Islamic world as a whole if I learn it?

Metaphysics, is the understanding of the realm beyond, thus insyaallah I'm sure it would be of great help in understanding how Allah s.w.t created this world. Metaphysics also touch upon the most basic definitions of humanity: free will, human rights, truth and pure knowledge. Physics might be the knowledge to make your life more easier, but making things easier yet still contributing to the world, this is where Meta comes in. It's not what you should do (physics) it's how you are suppose to do it (Metaphysics)

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