Sunday, May 2, 2010

Truth or Dare?

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I'm really sorry to all my readers for the lateness in updating this blog, I know how down to earth you would want to read it. So before I go on to the topic up there (truth or Dare) I firstly want to make some things clear.

There is good and bad news.
The bad news is that, due to the complications my blog has experienced, the layout might be changed (i'm guessing around 70% of chance it would)

Good news is that if it does change then I'll just have to fine a better layout.

No worries, bu the end of the day, we'll still have to give out the response we see in this world, we can't just make as if nothing has happened, we need to have conscience in what we are doing.... Duh.

I'll try as much as I could enhance this blog so it is more colorful and less formal, LAME. but still going to our cause: Creating Awareness among everyone.

* * *

Have you ever played truth or dare. When I was at IIU (16 - 21 April) I regularly play it. It's a really fun game to play. Number 1: it actually test how egoistic man is in proving that he can do anything. Number 2: everything is for real.

It actually enrolls some Islamic values in the game.......

What don't believe me? I have to differ. Well for one it actually condemns you, train you really to tell the truth (that is if you choose the truth part). We as Muslims must always tell the truth. DUH.

But, but, but, nowadays you don't see many of those type of people actually telling whole truths.
Theres a saying that half truth are whole lies. Well whether I'm lying or not is up to you. LOL

Remember saying the truth never means that you are an honest person. There are only a few people I could count whom are honest: Muhammad for instance. Honesty only comes when you aren't a hypocrite. Confuse Ehh? Well if you wanna know what in the world is a hypocrite I advise you to go to Surah Al Munafiqun. There's a whole text there saying what is a hypocrite. Hopefully not me or you.

To the second part ehh......
DARE. There's an organization called D.A.R.E. its an abbreviation of Drug Abuse Resistance Education. Cool ehh? but lets not leave the scoop for today.

As Muslims, Allah has dared us with many things. Doing the unthinkable or impossible just to praise and thy glory His name.

This is one thing I wouldn't need to say long. You really ought to DARE yourself to do the things other people wouldn't. Like: wearing a Hijab in the middle of France, or praising thy Lord in the middle of a concert, or just try to meet all of the world leaders and say to them what's going on in this world. It isn't good that's I'm sure. Daring never means that you need to be different, it means you need to do what people think are quite incredible that's all. So lets dare ourselves with something incredible everyday: Wear a jubah to college, go to class with a serban, or just give a morning brief in front of assembly about how Great Allah is. just do something incredible. Sometimes the most easiest things to do are among the most incredible.

Well that ends today's post, Good day, Wassalam

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  1. Hey, cool post!Can u believe i actually read the whole thing?lol

    I like the dare part. Dare myself to do something incredible?hmm we'll see..
    thanks for 'creating an awareness' in me. really, thanks =]