Monday, May 17, 2010

Pseudonym: The Third Identity

Some of you, ok, maybe all of you reading this blog might be wondering what in the world did I changed my blog name, or even what is a Pseudonym.

As a meta-physician, this is how I define pseudonym: Your third Identity, it's a true name, that defines who you are, now don't get me wrong, the word "Khallyd Afradhu" I'm not convince yet is my true name, it's just a pseudonym, an anagram, see if you rearrange it it will become: Abdullah Fakhry.

Go to an Arabic Dictionary, and find the words KhallyD and Afradhu.

The word Khallyd has the "saktah" on the lam, this means the meaning of the word is beyond, in other words if Khaleed means forever then Khallyd (pronounce: Khal'-Lid) is even "beyond forever", pretty cool ehh. now don't be confuse about living immortal or divine, this is where the second word comes Afradhu. It derives from two words: Farid and Fardhu, which when I look in the dictionary was both words. Farid means old, age old and experience old. While Fardhu means obligation, when converted to Afradhu it means "server of religion/ obligation duties".

When both words are combined Khallyd Afradhu, you get the very cool meaning "Forever Lasting Server of the Religion"

Cool Ehh? well that was just an anagram type pseudonym, not actually the real thing just a speculation. Usually pseudonyms are created like this: Rearranging the words in the name to find a whole new meaning.

Isaac Newton had a pseudonym which meant One true God, he rearranged his name to be "Jeovus Sanctus Unus", in Early Rome J was I and V was U, it's Latin and Symbology, get your history, so it became Isacuss Neutounius or in English Isaac Newton.

There is however as I've been speculating a third Identity, this identity is build up by the Pseudonym and your original name with your life.

How you find it is very simple: You list down as many characteristics as possible that defines your being, then carefully looking upon each word ask several friends to cross any words that they think doesn't represents you, Now firstly you must make sure that before you show the list to your friends you need to make sure that's you on that list, not what people think.

Get 3 of the best characteristics you got, and so this will be your definition. In Eragon it's called true names, in computers it's called meta system personality, in the real world it's called your Identity.

Finding the three words that defines you could be very hard and sometimes inaccurate, this is where you would need the help of a psychologist or a counselor, of course easiest way is to go to the personality exam and see what type of person you are.

Understanding true names gives great power to you and to those who knows it (I'm not kidding). they could understand your methodology of working, your M.O, or how you might interpret things and affect it, thus using it to their own gain.

The third Identity could also be applied to vast number of people or population. You could define countries and state there characteristics, this is widely used by politicians during election or internal affairs, it's called meta-systems.

The power of pseudonym is beyond our apprehension, and like any abstract force, it constantly changes because there are people who opposes there pseudonym, thus being the superior force and gaining free will, unpredictable is it called, and yet that becomes there pseudonym.

So for those of you whom are looking for your identity, your true identity, try finding a pseudonym, it's all the worth, remember
the most careless mistake anyone will do isn't when people don't understand you, it's when you don't understand yourself.


  1. Whoa. This is awesome!
    I wanna try it. It sounds a little complicated, but really worth a try.
    Hmmm i think i've just made the most careless mistake of my life. This could help!

  2. LOL, I've found another pseudonym in my name: it's "Khalyf Alardhu" simply meaning: Succesor of the world, LOL. It's possible to find several pseudonym's in ur name, even in diffferent languages or as a transliteration. But it's just a face mask, nit "yet" an identity

  3. Wow, i got something obvious frm my name, u can spell 'Al-Quran' from some of it. when i realized it, i was like AWESOME!! but i still need to put together the rest of the letters.
    maybe u can help me?
    KMALIAAIH - any ideas?

  4. "Akhia Amali", that's what I got. Simply meaning friend of the good deeds. LOL. so if you plus tis with the word Qur'an (I really dun noe where u got it) then it would mean My Friend whom does good deeds with the Qur'an (or sumting like that

  5. CooL!
    So that means that
    Nurkamalia Aqilah= Akhia Amali Al-Quran?(which order?)?
    Hey, this is quite inspiring, thanks!

  6. i got interested by this but i dont think i change the letter right..cud u help me, its ok if u cant figure it,.siti fatimah- ittisa' fahmun-spread the understanding-