Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Face, New Step

Alhamdullillah, I finally was able to find a good substitute layout for the former layout I lost due to some technical reasons. I feared that my blog was marked spam several times that it might be deleted. So I change the layout and the web address.

the name of this blog is now Islamic Conscience, due to the fact I fell that there should be a small awareness in all of us, especially Muslims whom are reading this to understand that the truest and most notable enemy we would face is the devil inside of us.

I feel that there should be a need to tell everyone what is going on, I mean what is truly going on in the eyes of the victim of the situation.

I've been reading blogs and researching for my Islamic Metaphysics and the Islamic world, and this have brought me into finding some sites that have been accusing Islam with various accusations like not respecting human rights, violent, terrorist and etc, which I felt that we have been a religion of misunderstood, it seems that human instincts and egoism has suppress everything else including logic, truths, and reason.

There those blogs that I would respect due to the fact that they actually talk on Islam in a mannerly fashion and so, I wish discuss more with them, I feel that if there was any way to show back how beautiful Islam is, then I would take it.

Insyaallah, Akhuluqau lihaza wa astharfirullah.
May Peace be upon you all

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