Saturday, July 24, 2010

Exam Orientated

If you've been staying in Malaysia for your whole life, never entered a debate or some other activity that enhances your critical thinking then you need to read this.

I've just finished my mid-term exams, and in some cases, to me (for the time being) it all looked easy.

and some of my friends say:


Kepala hotak ko senang!

well that was some of the reply from my friends

there was chemistry, Arabic, Physics, Computer and Mathematics,
All were easy except Math (that was freaking hard, you have a problem in the first 2 questions, and there are only 5 questions. LOL)

so some of my friends ask me: how come it was so easy? it's as if you didn't notice that the questions were so hard to answer!!!

or maybe on the times when some of my juniors hears some of my brilliant plans about doing some infinitely amazing project, they would ask:

what about money? finance? experience? how in the world are you suppose to do that?!

I remembered Iman laughing about one of those things, how "freakingly awesome that way of thinking, does this dude ever gives up"
that's what I would hear.

there is no secret to cool thinking or awesome planning or a good way of thinking, it's just plain simple, and this Insyaallah I wanna share with you. (finally the good part)

You see, we're living in a society by far that is being oppressed (me oppressed? yeah right)

let's see what we've got: Exams, school attires, more exams, demonstrations, rules in school, more exams, then we have our society norms and cultures, then more exams.

You might be guessing: what's with all the exams?!

this is the bad fact about exams, it brain washes you, make you think only what people (or in this case the text books) wants you to think, have you ever heard teachers saying:

"jawapan saya nak sama seperti dalam buku teks"

exams condones us to think in that particular scope of idea, not being able to go out of the box.
and when you go into Universities, which suddenly out of no where requires you to get a higher mentality, you go nuts! because the syllabus of universities and schools are 2 different things. Universities WANTS that out of the box idea.

this is the problem with Muslims nowadays (not to mention adding with our Bumiputera status)
we're being pampered too much and are hay-wired so easily.

So what does this has to do with me saying how easy the exams are?

well to point out, EVERYTHING is actually in your head. really I'm not kidding.
the idea that I experienced is that I want to think simple, make things simple, and eventually.............. my world turns simple.

But it doesn't end there, this is something students that are exam-orientated experience hardness: the applicatio0n of knowledge.

to me, a knowledge is only knowledgeable when it's useful, not I mean useful as getting an A useful, but useful in making our life better. this excludes maths, why? because I don't know where I'm suppose to use it in my life, like as if I have to care if 2y+x=0 thus 0=2.

LOL, just don't get it. and what happens if I do might get it? maybe get an A?

someone once told me, that when we learn more complicated mathematical functions, our life be more complicated, your life becomes computerized, the western's calls it Pragmatism.
Technically your life becomes a jumble of numbers, and the only way you want to solve something is through "empirical means" or "mathematical reasoning" and so it just complicates the whole idea of life. (by now you might not understand what I'm saying)

Back to the Exam part:

To be that genius (no, not a genius, we already have too much of that) I mean a wise guy, you need to think wise.

what do I mean by that? I mean you need to think as if your wise.

Think like this: if I was a smart person what would I say?

LOL, I know, it's ridiculous, but it actually works! in other words, you need to have that feeling of self acceptance in that state (in other words you just need to become a wise guy)

this also applies to other non-academic aspects: debating, writing, perching, even socializing!

For socializing: think of the person you want to be when you want to socialize, then let it go when you want to talk, it visualizing!

We live in a society that is taught things the hard way, wants things the hard way and sees things................. the hard way.

How many of you would wear a jubah just because it's the prophets sunnah? but no..... you want "empirical scientific proven facts" that there is really good in it. well then good luck complicating your life.

Don't complicate stuffs nor do things just because people ask you to.

Doing things Ignorant is just STUPID, and Complicating things is just plain DUMB

So, my advice, be the moderate person, think positive, think simple and don't get brainwashed by the government.

PS: to all my lecturers, I don't mean to offend any of you, you all thought me very well, especially Madam Suzana, you thought me to think simple in Chemistry! thanks =)

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