Sunday, July 11, 2010

In the Eyes of a Debate Trainer: Faithful (Part 1)

this is there story from the trainers point of view, Fattah, Fareeha, Iman, Kamalia, Syed, Kamil and all the other debaters, I wish you could read this.

I came late, i knew I was late to begin with. the Musleh Debate has already begun on thursday, and I have just finished class on Friday after Jumaat prayers. no coincidence, my time table was packed.

It was during those dire times I came, SAIS has just won on there first round and I'm going to have a look at the second.

I could feel my stomach aching and my mind boggling towards me saying: what did you do? did you taught them the right thing? was Kamalia, Fattah or Iman was prepared? was I prepared if they were to loose?

there second round started and I prayed for the best. Fattah (my younger brother) was against SMI Adni with the motion: THW mandate universities to make english as the main medium language (if I'm not mistaken)

something took me off during this debate:Kamalia was 2nd speaker opposition. I gulped at that prospect and tried to fathom the idea: didn't I asked them to make Fattah 2nd, never mind. Whatever happens, pray for the best. So I saw that debate, and honestly it was totally ridiculous. Fattah was on the right trek but there was a problem of Iman and Kamalia catching up. I said to myself: calm down maybe this was just a warm up. Adni wasn't that inspiring either. Newbies i told to myself, Fattah would take them down for sure........... I hope.

And that's where it happened. Fattah's reply speech was a bold move. Coming to the front of the judges, he brought along with hm his "hand-clamp". And so I said to myself, THAT was one of the most daring speeches I have ever seen, in just 4 minutes I think, Fattah was able to save his team from lost, and most of all embarrassment, my embarrassment.

They won of course, but it didn't stop there. Well since they won that's where I started getting angry to them, saying that " you guys just made a bold move that could cause your winning". Where was the pyramid of effects? where was the principle? where was your sense of direction?

Well they did won, that was Fattah's reply, and he said he'll remember to do it next time. He said to me he forgot all those good points I gave him. but in the end "they did won".

There 3rd round came but I wasn't able to watch them, I was busy with the BM debate team, they wear breaking and my mom wanted me to train them.

When I went to room 2 ( there debating room) the results was already going to be given, and disappointingly they lost to another SMI Adni team, this time more better than the previous one. THBT Freedom of speech that relates to religion should be banned (that's what I heard)

I felt heartbroken when hearing this. but Daniel said this was one of those greatest debates ever. A very close margin. the reason why they lost was because SAIS couldn't prove in depth the harm factor. I should have reminded them about that!

I made a reminder to myself: don't pressure them, just go with the flow, support them in any way and Insyaallah they'll do the rest.

To me, it was all about support, but I wished, I really wished I could have more time to teach them, teach all of my debate students either SAIS or MAHDI. that the most crucial thing in debate wasn't your points, it was your intention, your stand, your objective........


  1. Hear, hear.
    Cmon Fakhry, if it wasn't for u, we wouldn't have WON the whole thing. ;)
    So yeah, u made a huge difference in wht happened.