Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Insyaallah =)


some of you might notice the new layout of this blog, no worries, I'm trying to update it as efficient as possible so to make sure this blog can take it's new task, which are:
  1. A blog for my juniors and students to refer for debate ( especially MAHDI)
  2. A blog I could use for dakwah
  3. a blog I could use to reflect myself, making myself a better person
To collaborate with these 3 objectives, there are 3 important links:
  1. Are U Alim - as a reflector for myself and those reading, mainly talking about my life here in CFS IIU and it's challenges
  2. Islamic Conscience - talking about Islamic world issues and the important things to learn from it
  3. Eyes of a Debate Trainer - my life in debate (for debaters) and some tips for debating
so hope these rearrangements help everyone, there are independent post which are not link to anyone of these, feel free to read them,

Salam Alaik, thanks for reading

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