Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Execution Plan

Whether we like it or not, the perception of people towards us is very important when we want to do Da'wah.

FYI, you could give a whole lot of facts and figures to that dude, and yet still be unable to make him understand Islam, because people don't tend to remember what you said rather "how you made them feel".

That is why, when the prophet came, his main goal was to right our manner, how we portray ourselves in front of everyone.

During our Trainings, Brother Irzal made a focus on manner.

"why was good manner ever so good?"

"well because it makes people ie the adjudicator remember you more often"

something that is remembered, must be worth something. LOL

So how do you get good manner?

Well. style was something subjective, different audiences wanted different style.
I doesn't matter whether you be the slow and steady speaker or the very angry and courageous speaker.

But what can be helped in terms of manner is the structure of your speech.

They call it an execution plan

Execution Plan
  1. Introduction - give a brief review of what you are going to say ie the direction of the debate
  2. Split - say what your going to say before you say it aka SIGNPOSTING, in this phase make sure the judges are ticking down your structure of debate, AND MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW IT
  3. Rebuttals/Definition - For rebuttals, I think it's better if you go from issue to issue rather than going from speaker to speaker, in the hope that you wouldn't be repeating yourself. For Definition, go word by word and explain the significance of each word in the debate
  4. Arguments - You could chunk arguments up, or use a question to show that that is an argument
  5. Conclusion - very important if you are the last speaker, you need to make sure the judges understood that you were RIGHT and they were WRONG
So a simple structure, which I had to rehearse for the whole day in my head. LOL

The thing is, if you've gotten this simple structure in your head, as a habit, then it wouldn't be much difficulty when going into impromptu speeches, because as a habit, you already know what you should do. An Execution Plan

During training I laugh at myself how Brother Irzal commented me as "over structured" simply means that I have "signposts in signpost" which sometimes might confused the judges and me especially when going through the debate. so structure is very important.

You don't want standing for 7 minutes babbling God Knows what without a clear direction.

This also goes back to our direction of debate, our purpose of going for debating.
It's important that we apply this in our life, an execution plan that is worth following to go with our objective which is "Jannah'.

Muslims nowadays thinks that a plan isn't that important, yet it defines success and failure.
Look at our opponents, the Zionist, there plans are so complicated and precise, it's no wonder they are conquering the world.

As a muslim, we need that plan, that direction, so that it wouldn't just makes us follow it, but also the people we are proclaiming to.

"Verily, everyone plans,
Yet the plan of Allah is the greatest"

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