Monday, July 19, 2010

When God is Angry

During the weekends, I had a debate competition in Taylor's University, although I wasn't actually able to break for top 8 teams, going into the final. my team was reshuffled from last times ICRC debate, so it was totally new for us, and we had to get to know each other more.

The thing that startled me more was the motions, because almost half of them was the same as the Musleh Debate Competition my juniors went. Well, you shouldn't wonder why, Chief adjudicator IS Brother Latiff.

Amnah and Farhana kept on bullying me to eat the foot long bread and meatballs, they were giving, that was one of the good things of the competition: you got to eat a lot, and I mean a lot.

Many of the motions debated was pro - religion issues, debating on ideas like whether religion should be a consideration when creating a policy or solving problems.

To me it was very sensitive to begin with, especially when I see some the people I know, whom are Muslims, are willing to forgo there religion , their beliefs, just to get a simple transient trophy. And dissapointingly, they lost.

When I see motions like "allow prostitution" "allow gay marriages" "allow abortion" "allow euthanasia", it sickens me that we are willing to put our beliefs for mere "dunya" things.

when we are the proposition, and we choose the motion "THW allow prostitution" we are forging ourselves to believe in that position even if its just for that 30 minutes debate, but in a way, it's hay- wiring to us that: yeah, "maybe prostitution should be allowed" "maybe smoking isn't that bad" "maybe gays are that bad", and so with each debate we go with these types of motions, its deterring us from seeing the light and the whispering us the wrong teachings of Allah.

to me, this might be a tactic, our enemies are trying to manipulate us, to make us think that this isn't actually that bad.

what happens next: when we see if our government suddenly allows gambling, you feel NOTHING. when you see that JAKIM or any other religious institute trying to prevent pre-marital sex and you get angry. when people makes fun of your religion, you feel empty, like it's something acceptable.

Well I say NO, it's not normal. It's high time, we say to ourselves that whatever happens we will never put God second to worldly things even if it is just an act, even if it is just a competition, even if it's just a debate that wouldn't go out of the room.

Wouldn't people praise us more, when we step out from such motions because of our belief?

Whenever you get a motion, and it talks about the idea of forgoing your religion, it's better to knock that out, step out from the debate, NEVER say you would agree upon it.

Because by the end of the day we all have to remember what is our purpose of debating in the first place, is it to win? or is it to gain the blessings of Allah? spreading the word of the Almighty God? not training us to think how to forgo our beliefs, our faith, our religion.

It's better to loose your pride to a bunch of people, then to Allah.

One God, One Message

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