Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Training trainers

13 May 2010, 3.30pm

I was running in the hall way, heading to the parking lot of CFS (it's at the end of the other side of our football field, so it was like very far). I had a debate practice at Nilai campus against my seniors from Gombak.

Kamal, my senior debater, had "kindly asked" for me to follow, looking at the situation that I have debate competitions ahead, this might be a good training.

going to the IIU campus, I wore a plain "half jubah" for outing purposes, and on my left hand is my trusty black serban I will always bring whenever I'm debating. I've made a pledge to myself that in any circumstances that "islamic" view must be there at all times no matter what people say.

When we reach to IIU Nilai Campus, it was something of a huge surprise. there were no gates, no guards or restrictions like in IIU PJ campus. I was laughing to myself. "Real - life" was in here. you could go anywhere here and people smoking or dating without being punished. Saddiq liked it. I'm just grateful I was in PJ.

So that was a simple background of Nilai if you wanted to take art - streams in IIU. LOL

our debate was at 8pm, so between now and till then, me, Saddiq and Harris stayed at the musolla (that was the best place to stay). at 8pm, we went to the Seminar Hall, that was our debating venue. we were suppose to do a mock debate against IIU Gombak.

Around IIU Gombak came; Asyraf came.... hmmph, with Arina, Zamir, Irzal and Faiz.
Since there were so many whom wanted to debate, so we'll do a British parliamentary debate, a 4 vs 4 debate style. I was paired up with Arina, we were opening government for the motion THW allow surrogacy for profits, and I was the Prime Minister.

I tried to remember the things I thought to my students ie: the principle, directions, points etc. LOL, guess there was some good teaching them.

We got some good laughs when the seniors ie Zamir spoke, with a starting line "kepala hotak kau".

It was a great debate and the nilai students were overwhelmed with that demo debate. this was a cache phrase i want to quote from Sister Mizan:

We want Muslims to be able to think critically and be able to debate even against non-muslims

well that's the main reason (maybe the only reason) any of us (me) wanted to enter debate, not for the laughs, the pleasures or the idea that we could go overseas, but because we wanted to be at Parr with non-Muslims, we wanted to do da'wah, like what Ahmad Dedat did or Prophet Muhammad did.

But was that the reality?

not really...... what I saw was that many of us like to debate without any reason that we just liked it. I once heard Saddiq talked about military and politics, what was the reason he read it? obviously for debate (tell me if i was wrong), not many of us are willing to learn Islamic history and philosophy for such things, more worldly things for worldly reasons. short - sighted.

Saddiq and I has been teammates for a long time now in CFS, if he knows more about military, economies and politics, then it should be I the one who will know about Philosophy, Idealogy and Religion.

Reminder to everyone..... Remember your purpose

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